How Core Payment Solutions Become One of The Most Reliable Merchant Service Providers for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Innovation is at its peak in today’s world, creating an immense opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs. These budding professionals have taken advantage of this opportunity to start their businesses that offer exceptional products and services. 

With such an immense rise in startups, business owners, and e-commerce portals, there is one thing everyone needs: a safe, user-friendly, and reliable payment solution. 

Core Payment Solutions is one such merchant service provider that we will talk about today.

What is Core Payment Solutions

Core Payment Solutions is a merchant service provider that helps business owners accept payments easily, quickly, and securely. 

They can help eCommerce portals and local business owners accept payments through payment gateway solutions & POS Solutions. They also offer other services to help business owners process credit card payments, schedule staff, view inventory, track sales, and more.

The foundation of Core Payment Solutions is majorly based on a limitless, transparent, and ethical approach to satisfy every business need of an entrepreneur.

Core Payment Solutions 

Core Payment Solutions has had countless positive reviews over the years. They have proven to be the best payment solution for business owners in Los Angeles. 

The company is dedicated to providing quality and top-notch services. They also have uncompromising customer service. One of the most exciting things about them is their high-level integrity. 

What is Special about Core Payment Solutions? 

This is one of the few companies to offer no-fee processing for sellers. Those of you who are unaware of this means that sellers will not have to pay credit card processing fees. 

The no-fee processing program consists of 2 options, cash discount, and surcharge. The seller can opt for either of these.

For cash discount, the price of all products is increased by 3.99%. If the customer pays with a credit card or signature debit card, they pay the total price. If they choose to pay with cash, then they receive a discount of 3.99%.

On the other hand, a 3.5% additional charge is added for the customer for the surcharge model if they pay with their credit card.

Features of Core Payment Solutions

There are several features provided by Core Payment Solutions, most of which make them stand out. Below, we would be listing some of those features. 

Point Of Sale (POS) Solution 

Core Payment Solutions has partnered with Clover to help provide smooth services such as credit card payments, tracking of sales, scheduling staff, view inventory, and more. 

Secure and Reliable Merchant Service

Core Payment Solutions provides the tools to help businesses become organized, more efficient, and stay competitive. There are also no hidden charges for credit card processing. They are simply straightforward and transparent. 

Your funds will be credited right into your bank account within one business day, or you could receive it instantly for a small fee.

They use a unique online cryptogram and EMV chip-based technology to reduce fraud on Credit Cards. The verification process for cardholders has become very intense compared to other platforms. 

To learn more about Core Payment Solutions and its services, please visit 

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