How Darriel Cannon aka Fatcat is Taking Over The Music Industry

A kid star in the making, Fatcat

Born in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida, Darriel Cannon, aka Fatcat, is an up-and-coming rap artist looking to make his way to the top of the music industry. Fatcat has been destined for a career as an artist after discovering his ability to freestyle from such a young age. Featured on a local news network for his feel-good, high-energy delivery on his tracks, Fatcat has gained solid traction during the early stages of his career.

Emerging as a multi-talented superstar, Fatcat is seeing a lot of love as his career continues to progress. He focuses every day on making his music better and improving the content that he provides for his fans. Fatcat knows that without them, he would not be where he is today, so for that, he is eternally grateful. He has every intention of staying true to himself and being the artist whose fans have grown to love and appreciate and wants them to join him as he continues his journey.

Taking bits and pieces from the various styles that his idols bring to the table, Fatcat is creating a sound, unlike anything we have ever heard before. Drake, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, and XXXtentacion are some of his biggest inspirations, and it is easy to see when Fatcat hops on the mic. “My new music coming out is really hot! The record featuring Gavin Magnus is going to be completed in LA. Fans will love this record. It has a very catchy vibe to it and was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Andrew Lanester,” mentions Fatcat. Excited for what’s to come, anticipation builds as fans await his next release.

Fatcat has every intention of becoming a superstar in the music industry, and with due time he will undoubtedly get there. He truly loves everything that comes with being an artist and looks to continue building up his imagery as time passes. Keep a tab on this young artist as it is certainly not the last time you’ll be hearing Fatcat’s name when talking about the future of rap music.

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