How Dave Nick’s Unique Path Has Led Him to Run Most Successful E-Business YouTube Channel in the World

Are you thinking of launching your first business, but finding the idea seeming difficult to deal and looks intimidating? If you will speak to any serial entrepreneur, he will definitely share that it is not easy to start and will take much more effort than you are thinking. However, that’s not the case with 20-year-old Serbian YouTuber, who has that rare and skillful ability to turn unique ideas into a successful venture that is profitable and innovative. The idea that entrepreneurs are dreamers, pushed to the wall gives you the momentum necessary to pursue passion for entrepreneurship.

A curious blend of passion, ambition, and entrepreneurship fuels Dave Nick’s lifestyle. This Gen-Z entrepreneur started his business journey while still in his teenage years. When speaking on his transition, Nick shared that “Making this world a better place was something I have always aimed for and I realized that the most effective way for me to help people is through my skills and knowledge in business.” 

Nick’s potentially largest venture to date, is Investor, the most successful eBusiness YouTube channel globally. His mission is to create a platform to help upcoming entrepreneurs to make their entrepreneurial ventures a success. Always on the leading edge and cusp of new trends and inventions, the young entrepreneur has become a true pacesetter and a familiar name on the social handles now.

Having built and invested in multiple businesses in the past couple of years, Nick is mentoring and guiding startups across different areas. He has stepped out of his comfort zone and really discovered the potential of innovation, and execution. Thinking of new ideas that are practically usable from anyone’s perspective can make the quality of life better. 

Through his charismatic videos, he has grown a following of nearly over 1,000,000 subscribers on his YouTube channels worldwide. Nick has received the Entrepreneur of The Year award and has acquired Golden Playbutton by YouTube. He feels that inequality in life is a huge problem when it comes to ensure that disadvantaged communities have access to the resources that they need to grow. Nick acknowledges that business has quite recently been saddened by isolation, most affiliations are so far private undertakings. At this time of pandemic, Nick asserts that entrepreneurship can change vision of the world. 

Nick is certainly one to follow in 2021 and into the future. His positivity and clear desire on improving the world we live in through their businesses. Nick wants to continue to use his social media following to spread and give back has inspired several lives and we are excited to see what is in store for him in the future.

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