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How Dawson Barrett Monetized His Passions With His Brand Coresthetix

Here’s a great example of how one can turn their interests into a career.

Dawson Barrett is far from your average 20-year-old man. At his age, he’s already become a published model, health and fitness coach, and has recently grown more and more successful as an entrepreneur. Throughout his life, Barrett has always shown interest in bodybuilding and living a healthy lifestyle. At just 16, he started his journey of becoming an influencer by leveraging his impressive physique through modeling. From there, his career took off, growing a notable following on popular social media platforms. Since obtaining a large following, Barrett has taken his entrepreneurship to even further heights.

By capitalizing on his interests and creating Coresthetix, an athletic wear brand, Barrett has made a powerful vehicle of success for himself. Coresthetix became a great way to funnel his following into a business endeavor. Building his personal brand around fitness and lifestyle, his audience easily connected to his market and converted on sales. With his athletic wear brand hitting the ground running, Barrett has been able to continuously grow his platform, allowing him to use his knowledge to empower others to do the same. Through Barrett’s endeavors, he has obtained a set of specialized skills and knowledge, which he has used to inspire and motivate those around him, including his social media following.

Health and fitness are what Barrett knows best, and, with all that he’s learned, he has been able to create a curriculum focusing on workouts and nutrition. In his program, he shares his knowledge and teaches others how to achieve the same or greater lifestyle than his own. Barrett is currently building his gym with hopes of taking his coaching to the next level.

Through hard work and persistence, Barrett was able to change his life forever. It is a dream for people to be paid for the things that they love to do, and, for Barrett, that dream has become a reality. At only 20 years of age, Dawson Barrett is making a living off of his passions and teaching others how to do the same.

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