How DeFi and NFTs Join Forces on Alien Worlds

DeFi and NFTs are two of the biggest buzzwords in blockchain right now. Alien Worlds brings them together in combination with token staking, mining and virtual land sales to create a whole new gaming experience. This is the concept of Dacoco who have created a game with mechanics and features which will be familiar to anyone who has traversed the DeFi landscape. 

This is blockchain reimagined as a fight for interstellar supremacy. If that sounds like rhetoric, it’s because the sheer audacity of Alien Worlds is truly staggering. That should be of no surprise coming from the team that helped pull off the viral 2018 eosDAC airdrop which skyrocketed in market cap and also helped on the EOS chain launch. Conquering a new dimension with emerging technology comes natural. 

The Greatest Game

For some crypto has been the greatest game. Day traders and DeFi degens alike play with their crypto portfolios, hoping to find the next moonshot and the chance to make their fortune. In that same spirit of adventure Alien Worlds has created a space-faring storyline in which the ultimate destination is far beyond our own solar system. Pandemics have ravished the Earth by 2055, but instead of sitting around our houses in heavy lockdowns as in 2020, humanity reaches out to the stars. It may be the less practical pandemic workaround, but it sounds a hell of a lot more exciting.

Once beyond our own planet humanity encounters 6 Alien Worlds comprising 3,343 land packs. Each land pack contains a single Land NFT, and 7 other NFTs that accompany it. Compare this with a project such as Decentraland or Sandbox which have 90,000 and 120,000 land parcels respectively and you get some idea of how rare land is. Space may be infinite, but Land NFTs on Alien Worlds are not.

Owning land confers benefits in the form of Trilium (TLM), the game’s native token. Adventurers can choose whether to mine the land themselves or allow others to mine their land and pay commission for the privilege. This allows land owners the choice of playing actively, or just sitting back and enjoying collecting their percentage mining yield that must be paid directly to the landowner. In Alien Worlds, being a landowner is the surest way to TLM earnings with the minimum of effort.

Alien Worlds also has other forms of NFTs such as mining tools, but in this case only the owner of the tool can use it. Land has a DeFi-like yielding property, which will encourage land owners to open their lands to spacefaring explorers.

The New Land Rush

The land rush is nothing new to humanity. In the US and Canada, when new territories were opened to settlers, people raced across the terrain on horseback in search of land and the wealth that land ownership confers. In the crypto space the virtual land rush occurs digitally, on comfortable chairs from behind our computer screens. Dacoco, the creators of Alien Worlds, conducted a land sale on December 4th which drew significant interest from the community and sold out. 

Following that, Dacoco will be incentivizing land owners to develop their land and add value to the ecosystem. The company further roadmaps immersive experiences that will be added to the Alien Worlds ecosystem. As a project which is already pushing back the boundaries of what has come in blockchain, DeFi and NFTs, if Dacoco can pull it off it will be an impressive achievement. For that to happen however, Dacoco will need to find those intrepid DeFi pioneers who want to stake their personal claim to the final frontier.

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