Becoming a business leader not only makes you a recognized person in the business environment. It also reflects you as an obligatory reference, especially for young people who have the aspiration to transform themselves to become successful entrepreneurs. That is why contributing from experience, value, and guidance to that generation becomes increasingly important. And this is, to no small extent, is one of the missions that Derek James has, to make a positive and influential impact on aspiring entrepreneurs. 

James is a leading e-business entrepreneur who has spent much of his time mentoring young college students who aspire at some point in their lives to become entrepreneurs. For James, building a healthy and prosperous mindset in them is essential in driving their goals. For this reason, he has shared his story and experience.

He started at a very young age, as he felt a deep attraction to business and set for himself the goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Although his path was full of trials and challenges, James worked tirelessly to achieve his goals. And, to this day, despite the great recognition he has gained as an entrepreneurial guru in e-commerce, he continues to work.

This has made him a leader and an inspiration to others with similar aspirations to his own.

Think Big to Be Big

Before starting his business trip, James worked in the sales area of different corporate companies. It was this experience that allowed him to realize that working for other businesses was not really what generated satisfaction; this reason motivated him, even more, to go in search of his own goals.

With little money, waiting for his first child, and with the responsibility of a home on his shoulders, he decided to take a leap of faith and go after his goals, which always remained clear.

His first stop on this business journey was founding Magic Digital Media, an Amazon consulting firm for high-end brands. This experience allowed him to enter the world of online sales. He consulted and led brands to significant levels of sales on the Amazon platform. He was helping them build multi-million dollar companies online, something many brands were not familiar with.

The success he had in this experience motivated him to retake flight and try to go for the construction of his brands. This is where EnerPlex, VA Relief, and Mayfair Global Ventures Corporation were born. Three of his and his partner’s most outstanding projects. Each one with great purposes and from which it has obtained great benefits and business recognition.

All this experience has allowed James to understand and transmit the idea that to reach your goals, you must be clear about where you want to go and how far you plan to go. Working for something, without being clear about what it is, can lead you down different paths. Make sure it’s the one you want.    

In the Face of Trials, Keep Your Focus on the Goal

When undertaking, hoping that there will be no challenges or difficult moments is a mistake. Instead of avoiding these moments, it is better to face them without losing focus of the goal. Having successful results will, to a large extent, depend on how difficult situations or obstacles along the way are handled.

In James’ case, the remains were present from the beginning. However, his determination was always above them. Having a purpose from a very young age and finding the right moment to go after it was his primary motivation not to abandon the path he had already started.

Dedication and Effort

By dedicating yourself to achieving the objectives and making an effort in every aspect, you will be able to get closer to the results. No easy path will lead you to success. It is those who are full of trial and error that brings the most value and experience to each phase of the journey to success.

Each one of these details is what Derek seeks to transmit in his mentoring. His long journey of experience and knowledge has allowed him to bring others, from students to large industry participants, the right advice to guide them at the beginning of their business journey.Opinions expressed here are the opinions of the author. Influencive does not endorse or review brands mentioned; does not and can not investigate relationships with brands, products, and people mentioned and is up to the author to disclose. VIP Contributors and Contributors, amongst other accounts and articles, are professional fee-based.