How Designer Julian O’Hayon Takes Fashion to New Heights With Blvck Paris

Blvck Paris

The fashion industry is booming and expanding its shafts around the world, as style and clothing became a medium to express. Around the past century, many designers and entrepreneurs surfaced to create their iconic clothing brands which can reflect the best of their ideas. One such French designer who challenged the generic styles of traditional fashion, Julian O’hayon, Founder of Blvck Paris took back fashion to new heights by presenting luxury and comfort. As per Julian, Blvck Paris aims to create a cultural shift through their exquisite line of fashion that concentrates on quality and monochrome design which can make mainstream fashion obsolete. Blvck Paris is thriving every day.

O’hayon was always curious about tech and design and became quite active on social media platforms in 2017. Growing an online audience of more than 100k, he took his first step in creating an elite world for consumers who consider the color black and a monochrome lifestyle as their first love. A digital reform was brought up when O’hayon introduced customizing and darkening of IOS14 icons on the home screen. Blvck Paris is aiming to provide “All Black Everything” from attire and clothing to digital lifestyle.  Blvck Paris made a remarkable achievement in July 2020 by announcing the opening of their first pop-up store in Taipei, Taiwan. After the success of the first store, the brand took on its second physical location in the prestigious department store in Taipei. The aesthetics of the shop are true to the DNA of Blvck Paris: clean minimal interiors and a space to host the Blvck Food corner.

Blvck Paris provides customers with the finest of the services with no compromise with the consumer’s satisfaction. They are determined to create a unique approach to fashion and serve the community with utmost care. To enhance the customer experience, Blvck occasionally drops some surprises, like recently the team curated a special Spotify playlist featuring mellow vibes, melancholic moods to compliment their customer’s lifestyle. Blvck has also turned their customer’s iPhone keyboard black by developing their first iOS app, Blvckmoji (available for free on the App Store and Google Play).

Blvck Paris has uplifted fashion and tech to a great extent. Turning black from color to lifestyle, Blvck Paris is playing a vital role in enhancing the way you wear, the way you live, the way you rule. It’s needless to say that Blvck Paris has changed the fashion industry by implementing their top-notch ideas into the mainstream fashion world.


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