How Dezo is Conquering the Cocktail Market by Prioritizing Post-hangover Health

Dezo, a superfruit, vodka based canned beverage, was founded and created by three millenials who are on a mission to create a refreshment that is meant for enjoyment while providing nutritional value. Through the millennial’s mission, Dezo was born.

Dezo is the ultimate drink that provides pleasure while causing little to next day pain – that is why their mantra, “Respectfully Wild,” stands true to their brand. When asked what exactly “Respectfully Wild” represented, founder Tim Demirjian stated “Respectfully Wild is a lifestyle. We want consumers to respect their values, their peers and most importantly, themselves.

However, we want to provide a product that allows them to not only do that but also socialize and enjoy themselves outside of their productivity and work.” With their brand mantra in mind, Dezo hopes to one day partner up with Margot Robbie, who “embodies a respectful and classy lifestyle but also can portray a bit of a wild side, which is a perfect combination of characteristics and is synonymous with the brand that Dezo is building.” 

In more recent years, the beverage industry has seen an increase in canned products, making the industry extremely competitive. Because of this, Dezo understands the need to be different and they are doing just that. What differentiates them most from other canned beverages, such as the White Claws of the world, is that Dezo is the only company to successfully create products with real superfruit water.

Dezo uses real coconut water, watermelon water and cactus water as its three flavor bases. Each flavor base is rich in essential nutrients that help consumers replenish as they indulge. Each SKU not only has Himalayan sea salt for added electrolytes, but also a complementary fruit i.e coconut water with acai, watermelon water with cucumber and lemon, and cactus water with lemon. 

Courtesy of Dezo

The three, young entrepreneurs  are confident in their success, as Dezo is positioned ahead of the current competition on the market. No other product uses real superfruit water, rich in naturally occurring electrolytes, antioxidants and vitamins, gluten free vodka, no preservatives, and no added sugars all while providing a superior taste.

Considering that the brand had a soft launch in April of 2020 and has yet to officially launch, it has done great things for itself. Something that has made Dezo successful at the level the brand is at now is the quality of the product and the team’s work ethic to get the product into as many hands as possible, whether that be through gifting or differing sponsorships.

Liquid to lips is the brand’s most effective tool. The founders stand behind the taste and the true benefits a consumer can get from drinking a Dezo. Importantly, they are firm believers that their organic push will definitely convert to success in the future. Additionally, the team is gearing up to drastically scale their marketing. The core team’s network of individuals, distribution relationships, hospitality partnerships, influencers, celebrities and more will continue to benefit the company. 

Since the beginning of 2021, Dezo has taken new heights and drastically expanded their network. The beverage has been in the hands of numerous A-list celebrities, from G-Eazy and Harry Jowsey, to 24k Goldn and Swae Lee. To stay up to date with all things Dezo, such as new flavors, new placements, and more, be sure to follow their Instagram!

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