How did Arvin Bastaki Start his Music Career?

Arvin Bastaki, (Seyed Mohammad Mohammadnia) Born on 02/01/1984 in Bastak, Hormozgan. He lived in Bastak until the age of twenty-four, after which he emigrated to the United Arab Emirate.

The first child is a family of art lovers and artists and a graduate of management and planning. Arvin is fluent in English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Hindi. The Persian-Indian song Bastaki Bandari has performed many Arabic songs.

He became famous with a lot of songs, he is little but popular, the singles that he has released so  far have all been popular and have become popular among the people.

In 2012, he was the producer and host of the program “Khodamia” on the Arabic-language network “Sajaya” in Sharjah, which performed in the Achomi dialect for 7 months.

During the release of the mentioned albums, he has also released several separate song tracks, each of  which is different and beautiful. Arvin was able to be with the great artists and singers from Hormozgan with the songs of “Gol Bostan and AshuGolam Shebran” in “Mandegar Songs 2”.

Arvin loves the works of the late Yousef Hadi and is a member of the Bahraini Sultaniz Music Group.  He can play percussion and guitar and in addition to singing, he also composes and composes so that he has composed most of the songs and melodies of his albums and recently works with MahadAhmadzadeh and Ayoub Bazm in the field of composition.

His encouragement in music and singing was his father SeyedMansour and also the encouragement of Mahmoud and MoeinRahbar was not ineffective.  He tries to promote his Bastakimusic and bring it to where it deserves.

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