How DJ Brev Scott Went From His Mom’s Basement To International Touring DJ

Stay true to yourself and work hard

Justin Cunha, or better known by his stage name Brev Scott, has never had an easy path to success. Since his adolescence, his journey growing up on the south side of Seattle was an obstacle already as it was, not to mention that the most recent budding talent to exit the state of Washington was rapper Lil Mosey. Scott spent years playing multiple instruments in school before he would ever get into music production and DJ’ing. Throughout all of his years of schooling, Scott participated in the band playing multiple instruments. The Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, and Piano are all instruments that Scott played as a child. These would be the early moments that would define the rest of a young Brev Scott’s life, or as known at that time, Justin.

“Through learning so many instruments I was able to not only learn how to create beautiful sequences of sound with each instrument but I became accustomed to hearing how each instrument complemented each other,” says Scott. He accredits these early years to his ability to create the music he does now. The years of everyday practice instilled the necessary musical building blocks needed to produce complex music but also the time gave him the ability to understand music theory. If you listen to Scott’s music, there is no doubt you will feel something when listening. The unique melodies and sounds he incorporates paired with the forceful 808 sequences he includes provides for an energetic listen.

Scott spent his novice years DJ’ing at local parties, weddings, bars, and clubs in order to get his feet wet. He used DJ’ing as a way to provide for him and his family financially and utilized his free time making beats in his basement. Little did that young musician know that in a year’s time he would be touring through Europe playing sets in front of thousands. Work brought Scott from college frat parties to foreign soil like: Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, Albania, and the United Kingdom. “My time on tour I think is what helped give me an edge when I started producing. All the different cultures I experienced opened me to new sounds and vibes that I never thought I would like. I’m forever grateful for those moments”, says Scott. Most of the music we see from Brev Scott today was made during his time on tour.

In 2020 Scott would finally return home to Seattle before he would make his move to the city of angels. Most recently, Brev Scott has released his debut single “Summers.” The song features and steady punchy drum line parleyed with a combination of synths and bass lines. This is Scott’s first song he’s released independently and an EP will follow in the next month.

Life is truly an unpredictable journey. One minute you could be down on your luck and the next your life can change forever. Brev Scott is a defying example of so, his ability to navigate and adapt through time is special. From being the band kid, to DJ, to producer, to the artist we see today. We have witnessed evolution first hand, and although the journey was never easy, never did Scott turn his back on his dream to pursue music. If you believe in yourself, stay true to what you love, and remain patient, light is in your future.

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