How Do You Make A Multiplayer Server On GTA San Andreas?

The single-player Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was initially released in 2004. The game was already addictive but then the GTA San Andreas multiplayer, called SA-MP, was developed to provide a free mod for players to not only enjoy all previous features but also take pleasure in playing live with other players. As the multiplayer feature is added to the game, the value of a reliable game server is further noticed. 

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Please note that in order to enjoy a multiplayer server on GTA San Andreas, you first need to have the initially released San Andreas correctly installed on your computer.

Then you will need to install the Multiplayer Mod using the same installation directory. Both of these setup files are available at the official SA-MP site. In another word, you require to have the game installed on your computer before trying to make a server. After successful installation of the game, we go for hosting the game.

Make a Multiplayer Server on GTA San Andreas

Please follow the instructions below to make a SAMP server. 

The very first thing; Open your Internet Browser and browse

Click Downloads as illustrated in the picture below.

However, SA-MP Linux Server Download is also available on the official website, in this tutorial we go for making a server on Windows so we select and download SA-MP 0.3.7-R2 Windows Server. 

First, extract your downloaded files to the SAMP folder. In the SAMP folder, click right on the server.cfg and open it with Notepad. 

Recon_password: admin pass, Lanmode: people who use lan, Max players: Max on server

Hostname: Name of the server, Weburl: for people to see web

Simply edit the above parameters and save the changes. Now open the Run on your Windows and then type in cmd and click on OK.

Type in ipconfig and press Enter


Open up your SAMP folder again and double click on samp-server.

Minimize the console and open up your samp. From there, You may click on add server. Pass in your IP address and add 7777 to the end of that. Congratulations! Now It is all set and you can play GTA San Andreas multiplayer on your server. Enjoy!

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