How Dr. Erin Helps People Have a Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Erin exudes love and philanthropy every time you hear her speak on her popular show ‘Good Morning La La Land.’ 

The Author of “Awakening” is on a mission to awaken a billion people. Many believe that if they hit their next income goal they’ll be fulfilled. They believe that if they acquire a certain business, all will be well.

What they don’t realize is that you can never fill the void from validation. There will always be “something else”. Haitians have a proverb: “Dèyè mòn gen mon,” which translates to “Beyond mountains there are mountains”.

This means there will always be another hurdle, another goal, so you need to learn how to be full and you in this world or you’ll get caught in it. 

Now, the question becomes: how do you not get caught up in this world and awaken spiritually so you live and love to its fullest potential?

Live for an Impact

When you live for you, that can only go so far. However, when you live for an impact like Dr. Erin, that’s when you really live. Now you’re moving differently when you have a purpose.

When you believe something so profoundly, it not only changes your life – but that multiplies. You start giving others purpose.

Purpose is a multiplier. Once you have it, you can give it to someone else. Purpose leads to impact you create in the world. You’re now doing something greater than you, something multiple people would get behind.

You’re no longer alone in the world but working towards a cause, no matter how big or small. Waking up in the morning becomes a little easier each and every day.

Dr. Erin has a 40-Day Journey where she shows you how to use the Universe as the ultimate mirror of your consciousness. No words need to be spoken; the Universe listens through energy, frequency, and vibration. That’s why when you move with energy, vibration, and frequency, you move the Universe in your favor.

The Awakening Starts and Ends With You

Dr. Erin shows you that “Awakening” starts with you waking up and making a powerful decision. This is how you shift within. This is how you change how you view reality.

You might have a certain belief about the world, and that’s exactly how you’ve ended up with your limited beliefs. Once you’re aware of what’s actually possible, you can essentially create your own reality.

You don’t need to be a product of your circumstances. You are a powerful human being. You decide who you are and what you believe in. However, that starts and ends with a powerful decision.

The most confident people in the world are confident because they’ve made that powerful decision and kept that promise to themselves.

Once you make a decision and you stick to it, you’ll notice just how quickly and drastically your life changes. You start living life with abundance, vitality, and love. You start co-creating with the Universe and believing in your own power.

Spiritual Practice

Just like anything in life, if you do not practice, you will end up losing it. Dr. Erin shares this in her Forbes feature, that “spirituality can indeed drive success. When you manage to tap into your deep self, connect your mind and body, and really connect with yourself and the world around you, you’ll be more in-tune with how to catapult your success”.

Now the question becomes: what do you practice?

There are a few things you can do to make sure you never lose sight.

  1. Staying in the moment. It’s easy to get distracted during the day when you’re constantly doing multiple things in your life. We forget to live and stay in the moment. However, when you do, you realize how to be aware. Awareness is power.
  2. Breathing exercises. When life happens, and it will always happen, chances are it will test you to see how well you’ve connected to yourself and the Universe. Breathing during rough times will ease your mind and your body.
  3. Meditation in the beginning and middle of the day. Waking up is the most important part of the day. It’s important you set the agenda for how you’re going to feel for that specific day. During the day, you also might get caught up in the ruckus of things, so it’s important to re-group and make sure you’re still in alignment with yourself

Dr. Erin shows you that awakening starts with you and ends with you. However, you need to understand exactly who you are and what your capabilities are. Happiness is an inside job, and you owe it to yourself to live with purpose and impact in this life.  

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