How Dr. Kim Chronister is Taking Social Media by Storm

Ever since the pandemic hit, more and more people have turned to their phones for entertainment. Whether it’s discovering new podcasts, Netflix specials, or learning new TikTok dances, everyone has relied on their phones more than ever. This has caused a shift in popular influencers from new breakout artists to doctors offering a wide variety of advice.

 Dr. Kim Chronister, a licensed clinical psychologist, is one of the doctors taking social media platforms, such as TikTok, by storm. Recently named No. 2 on the “10 TikTok Accounts You Should Be Following” list, Chronister has gained over 117,000 followers on TikTok addressing relationships and mental health issues. She creates short videos calmly addressing unique topics and ways for people to heal themselves. Videos like “Signs That Someone Is Lying to You,” and “Psychology of Having a Crush,” and “Psychology of a Break-Up,” all average over one million views on the popular platform.

 “Value-adding is a big part of the way I live my life,” Chronister says, which explains her motivation behind sharing her knowledge of topics such as mood instability, anxiety, substance abuse, breakups, and relationship issues.  

 For Dr. Chronister, TikTok has also put her on other paths to getting her advice heard. With the establishment of her TikTok community, she decided to create her own podcast, Love to Heal with Dr.Kim, and take her videos one step further. These episodes, which average 30 minutes in length, take Chronister’s TikTok topics of relationship advice and mental health issues more in depth with special guests like TedX Talk speaker, Najwa Zebian, and international singer-songwriter, Alus. Instead of short and sweet topics on how to tell someone is lying, this podcast digs deep to address conquering fear, healing from narcissistic abuse, and mindset shifts that can change your life through cognitive conditioning.

 In addition, Dr. Chronister’s growing social media audience called for her to write her third book, Breakup Recovery: Get Your Ex Back or Get Over Them for Good, which is an innovative research-based book that walks you through the exact steps you should take when struggling with a breakup. The book is based on research that shows it takes 66 days for someone to break a habit. In this case, the habit to break is turning an unfortunate, and sometimes depressing event, into an empowering and resilient bounce back. The book also goes a step further in suggesting ways to get your ex back and what to do to mend a broken relationship. Both processes take a few months to complete but are entirely possible under Dr. Chronister’s direction.

 With Dr. Chronister presence on social media gaining speed, in addition to guest appearing on Access Hollywood and Investigation Discovery network, she is staking her well-earned claim to becoming a strong clinical presence. Her business endeavors, whether virtual or in-person practices, continue to devote her knowledge to help others better themselves. She is undoubtedly one to watch on social media.

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