How E1011 Labs Is Changing the Way People Consume CBD

These days CBD products are everywhere. Just a mere ten years ago, cannabis byproducts were nearly impossible to find outside of certain states, shady headshops, or dark corners of the internet. Now that the 2018 Farm Bill has decriminalized hemp, more and more companies have hopped on the CBD train.

The beauty industry has incorporated the cannabinoid into all sorts of face creams and moisturizers, pet companies have CBD-infused dog treats, and even your local pharmacy likely has an aisle slinging CBD oils and tinctures.

Amidst this bonafide green rush, one company has created an innovative little device that makes enjoying natural CBD simpler and more efficient than ever before.

What is E1011 Labs?

 E1011 labs encapsulate a rare harmony between modern tech and the natural world. The cannabis plant has been utilized in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Unlike other revolutionary cannabis tech companies, E1011 Labs is careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Instead of replacing tried and true cannabis consumption techniques with less than effective novelties, E1011 builds on tradition by modernizing the ancient art of inhaling cannabis for a 21st-century consumer.

Their signature product, Elon, pairs with disposable eco-friendly cartridges called Stems, which are filled with natural sun-grown CBD-rich hemp flower. The hemp flower is dual-lab tested, and the COAs (Certificates of Analysis) are readily available on the E1011 Labs website. Additionally, you may scan the QR code on your pack of Stems to view its COA.

The Elon then uses concentric heating technology to gently heat the hemp to the ideal temperature for a satisfying hit that wastes none of the product. Unlike anything else on the market, Elon is completely buttonless and has a self-cleaning mechanism, making it extremely simple to use–even for a cannabis/hemp novice.

What Makes Elon so Special?

Inhalation techniques have been used to consume cannabis for at least 2,500 years, and there are good reasons it’s stuck around so long. Cannabinoids have a surprisingly low rate of bioavailability. This means that the majority of the CBD you ingest doesn’t actually end up in your bloodstream and simply goes to waste. So if you eat 10mg edible only, your body can only use around 1-2mgs of the CBD in it. These rates get a little higher with something like a sublingual tincture, but not by much. However, when CBD is inhaled, it bypasses the labyrinthian maze that is a human’s digestive system, and significantly more of the cannabinoid can be absorbed. The effects are also brought on much quicker when inhaled, which can be critical for consumers using CBD to help manage pain.

Traditional smoking presents its own risks, of course. Inhaling any combusted plant matter isn’t great for the lungs. Vaporizers can mitigate this lung damage, but oftentimes CBD vape oil or vape cartridges have been cut potentially harmful additives such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, or the incredibly dangerous vitamin e acetate.

The Elon provides all of the benefits of an inhaled CBD product without the dangers of traditional smoking or the unknowns of liquid vape products. The minimally processed hemp provides a more natural CBD experience, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

How to Get Your Own Elon

 E1011 sells the Elon device on its own on their website, though it won’t be very useful without any Stems which are offered in two different sustainably sourced hemp blends: Stem Uplift and Stem Relax. The Elon Starter Kit comes with both blends as well, as an Elon device, so you can try out both blends and decide whether you prefer one over the other or if you enjoy having a daytime and nighttime option.

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