How Early Influences Shaped Fresh Micks Sound Today

Music is a very powerful medium. When channeled correctly, it can influence thousands of people. One artist has the ability to reach millions of listeners across today’s ever-growing streaming platforms. While some musicians are just naturally gifted, others grow up around their parents or peers listening to music and fall in love with it right away. In the case of rising artist Fresh Micks, he fell in love with music while growing up listening to multiple different genres.

Both Fresh Mick’s parents listened to music around the house, a household that spanned a wide variety of sounds. “My mother would constantly listen to freestyle dance music one day, and then the next day be listening to some Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, the kind of artists you wouldn’t think influence me today,” said Micks. Fresh Mick’s godfather was a deep hip-hop head, listening to classics like Jadakiss, Nas, Wu-Tang, etc. This allowed Micks to be exposed to multiple different genres growing up.

A unique aspect of Fresh Mick’s music that has carried over from his childhood influences is making his sound from scratch. The majority of his music is self-produced. “I’d like to think of myself as a one-man band,” said Micks. “As I’ve said before, I feel music should be a very collaborative process. I am a writer, I am a producer, but I’m also a fan as well. I do make my own beats. I do engineer my own stuff from the mix to the final master. I definitely produce the majority of my own archived catalog, however, I love using samples and packs from other producers to help fuel my own.”

Fresh Micks gained some traction earlier this year with the release of a remix to Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later.” Micks uses the original and self-written lyrics on his version of the track. The original version of the song has been streamed over 300 million times, making it a solid choice to do a cover of.

Micks made a major step when he released his debut EP “Disaster” earlier this year. He explained he’s been happy with the release and overall finished product. “Releasing my most recent EP, “Disaster” I felt was a huge achievement,” said Micks.

While I don’t have the studded star power behind it, this body of work is truly me in raw form. And the most exciting part is that it’s just the tip of the iceberg! I’m very proud of it, but I know what’s to come and has me anxious to show the world. I’ve worked with some decently well-known names in the past through connections and sometimes random luck. While doing all that is cool, it doesn’t feel as rewarding as creating and releasing a body of work you’re proud of and that people seem to like.

When he isn’t busy making new music, Micks is a full-time freelance mixing and mastering engineer. He uses the hustle as a way to fund his career and earn an honest. To date, Micks has over 280 5-star reviews and 400 satisfied customers.

In the coming months, Fresh Micks plans to release a plethora of new music. He says he’s not planning on releasing the same type of music but plans to mix it up even more. “The next project won’t be until after the turn of 2021 but will come shortly thereafter,” said Micks. “Without spoiling too much, I’m always trying to do something new and different when it comes to my music, so it will most likely be a whole different vibe while still maintaining the melodic, lush sound I’m known for.”

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