How Egyptian DJ ‘DJ Galilo’ Pivoted His Career

“DJ Galilo has been able to naturally tap into everything else that the world’s been doing, and do something better than that.”

Standing apart in the music production industry’s sea of competition is a difficult undertaking. Every other person, especially with the accessibility of social media, has the potential to expose their talents to the general audience. Denying the nepotism existing in the industry would not be a good idea, as many deserving individuals lose their positions to the privileged.

This results in a ruthless display of previously unseen brilliance. Competition of this nature can be brutal at times.

Moreover, the EDM Music has gained a lot of popularity over the years. The high beats and the unmeasurable energy it oozes never fail to give the audience energy and enthusiasm. There are a loyal set of listeners for this genre of music and one such popular DJ who has earned a lot of popularity over the last years is DJ Galilo from Egypt.

Who is DJ Galilo?

This young man was stricken by the love for Techno, Tech-House and House music when he was just a child. Apart from being a DJ, he is also a senior project manager and a PMP Certified Project Management professional.

‘Learn constantly, remember there’s always one more thing to learn!’ stated Steve Jobs. Change is the one constant in this ever-changing planet. So in the long term, having an adaptable temperament will always benefit you. In the instance of DJ Galilo, he has applied his knowledge and skill earned during his career to business and has achieved significant success in doing so, making him one of the industry’s youngest best DJ.

As of this date, he’s working as a project manager in few MNC’s all around the world and in every town he visits and perform parties which includes Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Sudan & South Sudan.

DJ Galilo has grand ambitions for the future, and his dedication and love for his work are admirable, and he truly serves as an example to many.

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Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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