How Elevate Athletics is Reshaping the Fitness Industry

Elevate Athletics is a mission-based company that allows individuals to focus on and enhance their mindset, fitness, nutrition, spirituality, and business alongside a network of like-minded peers and world-class coaches and mentors. In just 2 short months since their launch, founders Colin Heaney and Summer Heaney have built a dedicated team consisting of 8 full time coaches, 14 influencers, and a full sales team. They are currently opening physical locations in Miami, Florida and are planning to expand in every state this year.

Elevate Athletics has established four basic pillars into leading their innovative business, which includes:

  • Impact the lives of 100,000 people in 2021
  • Assist people in self-development and personal growth along with helping them with their wellbeing, health, and overall happiness.
  • Bring the change in the lives of the people at the global scale
  • Leave an impact and influence people lives and motivate them to live their lives to the fullest

Elevate Athletics (@elevateathleticsco) has launched a program to help you achieve your wellness and health. Their program impacts so many lives so soon because they offer 90+ in-depth videos on how to work towards improving your health and wellbeing to influence your overall happiness in a more holistic way. This program enables you to improve your wellbeing through spirituality, improving your mindset, your nutrition, and of course the physical fitness of your body.

For the individuals who find pre-recorded exercises uninspiring, Elevate Athletics offers the best platform to track down a fitness coach who offers virtual classes tailored to your preferences. These classes are held utilizing tools like Zoom and Google Meet, which not initially intended for use by fitness coaches, work well to provide a great workout along with encouragement and tips on technique. With this capability, instructors can bring clients into a live meeting offer the next best thing to physically going to an actual class.

Elevate Athletics is set up to work with coaching classes, connecting students to the best fitness coaches. In fact, for the same price people are used to paying a traditional gym, the level of service Elevate Athletics coaches are able to bring far exceed what you get with a regular gym. Many of these services are tailored directly to the client’s needs. Additionally, the coaches have the experience and expertise to provide recommendations that get results.

Fitness coaches typically lead group or individual training programs. Normally, clients might have the option to stream pre-recorded classes, live online classes, or even in-person. Elevate Athletics takes this a step further by allowing both coaches and clients to see their pulse, temperature, and heart rate to track their performance during any give workout. This data allows coaches to provide more in-depth recommendations.

The last year has changed the way we live in many ways because of the pandemic. These new limitations have been challenging, but a few companies are helping us adapt by identifying what we can do to improve our fitness, mindfulness, wellbeing, and ultimately our happiness. Elevate Athletics is at the front this movement to change the fitness industry for the better going for forward whether it’s virtually or in-person.

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