How Emily Alexandra Guglielmo Became a Famous Mermaid

Ever since she was a little girl, Emily Alexandra Guglielmo has always been one with the ocean learning to swim at only 6 months old, so it’s no surprise she is known widely today as the American Mermaid. Emily was born in Tampa Florida where she was able to frequent the beach every weekend with her sister, friends, and her father who was an old surfer and sparked Emily’s initial appreciation for aquatic life.

As she grew older, she began to recognize the harsh realities consumerism has had on the ocean. From then on, Emily became obsessed with human being’s connection to water and thought, what better way to emulate that than to become a mermaid, since she had already been one at heart from day one!

At age 22, Emily was able to buy her first fully silicone mermaid tail and immediately began taking photoshoots on the beach. “Back in the day, my father had his video camera out all of the time, capturing my childhood,” says Emily, “so naturally, I felt comfortable.” People who witnessed her presence on the beach were astounded by her beauty and began asking to book her for children’s birthday parties and other events! She can now be found doing mermaid gigs all over the world.

When Emily is not swimming with the fish or being booked for events, she also works professionally as a swimsuit model and has been featured in household names like Bombshell, Maxim, and Playboy. Emily Alexandra Guglielmo is also recognized within the acting scene in Florida for her work in the movies Magic Mike and Spring Breakers and can be found doing commercial and print content for brands year-round.

Her success as a professional mermaid led her to creating her own ocean-safe cosmetic line Emily Alexandra Cosmetics in 2019. Each product uses coral reef safe SPF and water resistance so you can stay flawless underwater and feel good knowing that they are also vegan. Using her passion for the ocean to share beliefs, educate others, and create change within the beauty industry, Emily hopes to continue to inspire other models and influencers to use and promote ocean safe and cruelty-free makeup products.

As a philanthropist at heart, Emily has always had a passion for helping others in need, so she has used her success to create real change. In 2018, Emily launched Supporting Water, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping third world nations have access to clean drinking water! “I feel it’s a humanistic right that every human on Earth should have free drinking water,” says Emily Alexandra Guglielmo.

Emily Alexandra Guglielmo is living her dream splashing daily along the seaside and continues to inspire people across the world to bring consciousness back to classiness! From a little girl curious about coral to an adulthood mermaid turning heads, she proves that anyone can turn their dreams into a reality. As Emily always says, “being a mermaid is better than being a human any day.”

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