How Entrepreneur Said Shiripour Turned his Digital Marketing Frustrations Into a Multimillion-Dollar Company

It’s not every day a person can successfully say that their frustrations led them to build a multi-million dollar company. In fact, 90% of startups lead to failure. Rather than give up when these barriers popped up, Said Shiripour channeled these frustrations to build a solution based product to help other entrepreneurs succeed. 

Building upon a substantial and successful history in creative and strategic digital marketing, as well as SaaS (software as a service), Shiripour established EZFunnels in 2019. It was Said’s vision to simplify complex marketing strategies and methods into straightforward, personalized software. He believed in empowering his client’s online business without the need for complicated software, expensive consultants or an intense learning curve.

The Making of a Digital Marketing Trailblazer

Mr. Shiripour started his career from humble beginnings. His passion for digital marketing led him to start his first affiliate marketing company while in University. Through his own startup journey, he soon realized things were not as easy as most experts led him to believe.

Said Shiripour launched his Affiliate Marketing career in 2013 and soon started to share his knowledge of Digital Marketing through online courses. Said quickly learnt that it was an expensive and complicated industry to grow in due to the different software requirements. Through many discussions with his clients, Said quickly started to understand that the majority of them have issues generating leads and sales because of using complex and overpriced software. The decision was made, he was going to change that. Said decided to combine all software, make it easier.

Over the course of his career as a digital marketer, Shiripour has developed considerable expertise in areas that range from brand management to inbound sales funnel optimization. He is the co-founder of WebinarFly and Memberwunder – two SaaS companies that employ automated software to optimize online marketing efforts that attract and retain customers.

To date, Shiripour has created and launched more than 50 digital products and generated more than €56 million in incremental revenues for companies doing business online. He has also shared his industry expertise as the author of notable books.

Sharing the Secrets Gatekeepers Don’t Want People to Know 

Although he had generated more than 500,000 quality leads and funneled countless consumers to his over 100,000 customers’ websites through relevant digital channels, he continued to face resistance when it came to digital marketing.

“In my conversations with entrepreneurs, I found that digital marketing had in many ways become inaccessible.” – Said Shiripour

One of the things that frustrated Shiripour was how difficult it is for experts in the industry to share their basic SEO strategies, as well as all the features of various digital marketing platforms. People were gatekeeping their knowledge and making it hard for beginners to tap into the market.  Furthermore, more and more senior executives and business owners are looking into the vast opportunities that digital marketing provides. It’s a territory where few industry leaders with an army of system specialists dominate.

Said realized that many small businesses are struggling to keep up with the digital marketing landscape and taking it on themselves. Shiripour set to work on a SaaS platform that could serve as a one-stop solution for end-to-end digital marketing that clients tailor to meet their own unique and specific needs.

By allowing clients to choose among a suite of “a la carte” tactics and services, EZFunnels started helping its customers “plug and play” their way to a dramatic ROI (return on investment) for their marketing dollar.

By coming to terms with just how overwhelmingly complex digital marketing had become, he shares – “I feel that EZFunnels alleviates the complexity, putting the creative back in marketing, and helping organizations of any size differentiate their brand”. Watching his customers take back their power and unlocking double-digit customer revenue and ROI growth is what drives Said Shiripour. 

An Innovative Software Solution

No more searching through dozens of places to find what you need. EZFunnels takes a revolutionary “all in one” approach hosting everything digital marketers need and more. All are available through this one simple-to-use platform. The platform lets you craft an inbound sales funnel without any technical training. This is great for business leaders who have no tech background. With the software businesses can make sure sales are generating leads, increasing consumer conversions and earning more revenue.

The key platform tools and templates include EZPage Builder (for landing page creation), EZWebinar (for webinar development), EZCloud (for picture and document management), EZPlayer (for marketing video playback), and EZContacts (for lead and customer tracking).

Covering all inbound marketing needs, Said’s EZFunnels software can create stunning landing pages for campaigns as well as offer targeted webinars. Even better, it allows users to spearhead a comprehensive digital marketing campaign with precious little time investment while keeping overall costs extraordinarily low.

EZFunnels specifically delivers as many as 5000 or more monthly sales leads for customers spanning across 100 industry verticals. The streamlined sales and marketing processes that it engenders are proven to boost monthly revenue by as much as 500 percent.

Said Shiripour and EZFunnels Never Stop Learning 

As with all great things, over time, they continue to evolve. This is no exception for Said Shiripour’s personal ventures or EZFunnels. 

Over the past several years, EZFunnels has grown into a driving industry force with more than 20 dedicated software engineers; inbound sales funnel builders, conversion experts, copywriters, and designers who have streamlined marketing processes and automated lead generation for hundreds of businesses.

Today, the platform serves more than 2500 active monthly clients.

Alongside EZFunnels, Shiripour is an Angel Investor who has a passion for investing in SaaS Startups. With his connections to investors and experts, Said has grown to be one of the most influential persons in the online marketing SaaS industry.

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