How Entrepreneur Victor Madu Transformed His Clothing Line into a 7-Figure Global Brand

Building a brand is no easy task, especially during a global pandemic. Businesses worldwide have taken a massive dip in sales due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus outbreak. Victor Madu, entrepreneur and CEO of For the Leaux Clothing, talks about transforming his clothing line into a 7-figure global brand.

Becoming an entrepreneur appealed to his ideals, and hence, in 2016, Madu launched For the Leaux Clothing line. Connecting to consumers worldwide through his creative designs and attending to their choices gave him a lot of satisfaction and confidence to go ahead with the brand. For the Leaux ships to all 50 states in the US and even a few countries globally. An interest in street fashion and market-watching allowed Madu to pinpoint the exact demand that For the Leaux Clothing had to fulfill to gain customers.

“There has been a steady decrease in favorable clothing items in the last decade due to mass production and intense cost-benefitting. Therefore, it took me only a few phone calls, a tiny investment, and some napkin-drawn designs to build up my first release and launch For the Leaux in 2016,” says Madu. In less than five years, Madu grew global awareness. This year, Madu’s prime focus has been online sales due to the pandemic. For the Leaux Clothing already had an online presence even before the pandemic. “While the appeal of a physical store will always remain, more and more people are switching online, and I didn’t see any reason to stay behind,” adds Madu.

For the Leaux Clothing has sold over 20,000 products in more than 20 countries. Madu has been instrumental in spreading goodwill and cheer on behalf of the store. He has an academic scholarship, has written a bestselling marketing guide and launched a subscription service for the brand. The brand also donated $20,000 to different causes as part of their charity work. As for how successful Madu will be as an entrepreneur is something that is a work in progress.

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