How Esteemed Model Brittany Crisp Monetized Her Social Media Platforms

When it comes to earning a living in 2021, many individuals have turned to social media as a means of creating a profitable income; however, although the life of a social media entrepreneur may sound enticing, it’s much more difficult than what meets the eye. Social media has become one of the most saturated industries of today’s world, with everyone from models and influencers to comedians, writers, and everyone in between attempting to go viral and grow their followings across their social platforms. Making it big in the social media industry takes a great deal of dedication and a relentless work ethic. Brittany Crisp, for instance, is someone who has worked her way up in the social media modeling world, and she now makes an impressive salary from it.

Before immersing herself in the social media realm and pursuing it as a career, Brittany Crisp grew up in the small town of Exeter, New Hampshire. From there, she went on to study graphic design in school, and began working as a graphic designer prior to graduating college. However, she had always dreamt of something more – her dream was to be a model and influencer. From the time Brittany was a young girl, she was always inspired by the women gracing the covers in prestigious publications such as Maxim Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Playboy because of their unapologetic confidence.

Brittany’s distant dream of modeling became a reality much sooner than Brittany had ever expected. After working as a designer for seven years, her contract with her most recent employer ended, and she was left with no job or income. Although this was a challenging time, she embraced it as an opportunity to take a chance and pursue what she had always wanted. So, Brittany began building her social media network with the intention of becoming an influencer and model full-time.

Brittany’s journey as an influencer began when she dove into her own personal fitness goals and started sharing her progress on social media, particularly Instagram. After she consistently posted pictures of her progress in bathing suits, her page quickly took off and her following soon skyrocketed. Her primary focus was growing her glutes and hamstrings, and the transformation was amazing. She strongly desired to prove to her fans and followers that anyone can create their dream body through hard work and consistency in regard to a healthy diet and workout regimen.

In 2019, after growing her audience to several hundred thousand followers on Instagram alone, Brittany took her talents to a newer social media platform. The subscription-based platform gives social media models and influencers an opportunity to monetize their content, and that’s exactly what Brittany did. Now, Brittany makes more through her social accounts than she ever did working in her corporate design job.

Brittany hopes that her rise to social media stardom will provide more modeling opportunities in the future. She plans to be featured in the pages of prominent magazines in the near future, and she hopes to one day grace the covers of elite magazines as many of her idols have.

When it comes to building a brand or business in the digital space, Brittany believes that mindset is the key to a successful follow-through. “If you dwell on the failures, you won’t make it,” she boldly stated. “You have to get through all of the obstacles to climb your to the top. When there is a setback, make a comeback, and come out stronger than ever before.”

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