How Exeedme Is Adding Value to Amateur Gamers

As one of the largest entertainment sectors in the global economy, the gaming industry is ripe for value-adding innovation. This is where Exeedme comes in, a new blockchain-based gaming platform that empowers gamers by easily monetizing their gameplay, regardless of their skill level.

The traditional gaming ecosystem makes it extremely difficult for the average gamer to make any money from playing, with the majority of the wealth going to game developers, tournament and event organizers, and a tiny percentage of professional gamers who dominate the industry. Exeedme has created a new way to incentivize stakeholders, creating a gaming platform focused on monetization for the everyday gamer.

Gamers Can Earn Money at Any Level

Exeedme has designed a gaming ecosystem that rewards gamers in many ways. The most effortless way to start earning through gaming on Exeedme is through engagement or game matchmaking, allowing users of similar skill levels to wager on a game’s outcome. Although the result of a matchmaking game is winner take all, gamers can get paid in XED, the native cryptocurrency, just by engaging with the platform. If you are a beginner or expert, the network will be able to match you with a comparable opponent, making Exeedme inclusive for everyone.

This new gamer-centric economy will make it much easier to quantify and realize the value of in-game assets. The platform allows for the full ownership of all digital assets in the game, facilitating item transactions by offering a digital asset marketplace with open market dynamics. Exeedme represents the in-game items as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and plans to provide interoperability between gaming universes and other blockchains. Items will be capable of transferring between different platforms, expanding interoperability. This will create a simple way for gamers to capitalize on the actual work they put in to acquire skills and their digital items.

Besides monetization, there are other methods that Exeedme has introduced to enhance the user experience. On various platforms, gamers have to deal with annoying, predatory advertisements and in-game purchases or currencies that can’t be monetized or transferred to other digital worlds. Gamers can spend hard-earned money on a virtual item but have no control over it except for the game’s limited uses. Exeedme eliminates all of these pain points, creating a much friendlier and less exploitative gaming experience.

Gaming Starts Now

Through Exeedme’s blockchain platform, players will be able to participate in tournaments, earn XED, and obtain digital assets with real value. January 28th (8pm GMT) marked the first live trial taking place to evaluate the network. With this beta test, Exeedme invited 16 gamers from their community to play with 4 of the leading gamers: Fox, Omar “arki” Chakkor, d0cc_tv, and Mrtweeday. Users played Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO), one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter games globally, with almost 25 million unique players as of December 2020. This gameplay and any future tournaments will enable Exeedme to root out any bugs or vulnerabilities before its alpha platform launch.

With such a massive user base from just a single game like CSGO, Exeedme has placed itself in a solid position to unlock value for tens of millions of gamers worldwide. As the platform begins its journey, gamers everywhere have the chance to turn their gaming from a side hobby to a side gig, or even more. Exeedme will continue to expand to many other blockchains and gaming universes, increasing the platform’s usability to millions of new potential users and strengthening the XED ecosystem.

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