How Fahad Sharif Signed 50 Contracts Within three months of Alecto Media’s Launch

At a time when the world is moving to online systems, there are some people who are finding new venues to provide their services. Some are part of PM Imran Khan’s digital Pakistan vision while others are attached with the conventional means of earning and sadly speaking those with later vision in mind have to suffer a lot in the hands of corona virus which disrupted the global economy with a heavy blow.

Among the many youngsters who are striving to make their names on the digital environment, one such individual is Fahad Sharif from Karachi who is working hard to realize the dream of making Pakistan a digital-advanced nation. Owning Alecto Media, Fahad is providing the services in the digital field. He provides digital services including E-commerce mentorship, digital marketing, branding, etc to clients spread all over the world.

Within the three months of the ALECTO MEDIA’s Launched, He have successfully gained 50+ clients from all over the world. That’s a huge number for a startup which just started, but in the Digital Marketing World anything is quite very possible. Alecto Media is currently managing several Big Brands, Real Estate Developers, Fashion Bloggers, Musicians & Entrepreneurs

When talked to him, he said Pakistanis are better conscious of their digital role and are providing services much better than their rivals in the neighboring countries especially India and Bangladesh.

He further went on to say that he had been working online since 2011 and found the online environment the most efficient way to earn a living and to expand the business to all over the globe. Fahad also owns Travel Mag Pakistan which provides a platform to foreign personalities including content creators who are sponsored to visit Pakistan to explore its beauty in the northern and western areas of Pakistan.

The same business insights and entrepreneurial spirit that drove Fahad Sharif to create a successful business of his own are offered to his clients when it comes to giving their business maximum exposure.

The government of PTI’s vision to make Pakistan digital cannot be achieved if the field of freelancing is not taken seriously. It is time to get to the digital world which has a plethora of opportunities for the young generation of Pakistan. Youngsters like Fahad are resources for a nation which is cash-strapped.

It is time to realize the sanctity of the matter and turn to digital world which is more open and has opportunities for all irrespective of color, caste, or creed. Lastly, the help from the government can multiply the successes of young people present in the digital world.

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