How Faiz Israili Became a Visionary in Influencer Marketing

Defying all the odds, Faiz Israili plants his beacon of success as a young influencer redefining the power of influencer marketing. Faiz is a happy go lucky guy from Ahmedabad, born in 1992, flaunting a millennial’s charm. He is a visionary who measured his road from a BPO to an influencer, unravelling all the secrets of success.

Faiz phrases, “If you continue to be influenced, you seldom can influence yourself. To become an influencer, you first need to come out of others’ influence.” In his professional life,  he also likes to be on a quest to rendezvous with the new potential business which might use some investment. He is a big-time traveler and also, in particular, a deep thinker. His off the chart thinking is one of the significant contributors to his success as a social media influencer. In an interview, he says there are few changes that he brought in himself in order to become successful in the field, and originality can never be replaced. In order to be successful in social media, one needs to have a story to say. And the story needs to be appealing and promising to the audience.

Faiz is a traveler by choice, and all of his travel has a story that comes with an endnote that is further elaborated in the next story to come. He convinces that influencer marketing is one of the lifelines of brand communication and motivates small businesses to take into account this marketing strategy as well. People believe in reviews and only invested in tried and tested models. When someone, an influencer, tries the product of the service for the first time for their audience, it is expected that they are probably giving a real-time, uncut and unaltered review about the service or the product. If you are a small business and you are hoping to broaden your horizons, the first thing that comes to your mind is the uncalled protocol of spreading the word. The more people know about your deliverance, the more your sales will climb the chart.

Faiz says, “More and more companies are tilting towards influencer marketing rather than celebrity endorsements. There is a deep strategy that backs up this arrangement. And there are several reasons why businesses are taking this turn as it is a Win-Win situation for both the customer and the marketer.” There are many advantages to influencer marketing and why the businesses are choosing this pathway nowadays more aggressively then looking towards a celebrity endorsement. The first and foremost advantage is cost-effectiveness. There is no denying that a celebrity endorsement does come with the massive bill that follows up with their every shot. And growing businesses with potential refrain from investing an amount like that over glitter publicity.

Influencer marketing builds brand credibility. It gives an organic boost to the potential business, and the bounce rate becomes significantly low as the consumers or the potential clients are making an informed decision. If we come down to the basics, let’s evaluate two situations here. You are watching a video, and suddenly an ad pops up, your first instinct will tell you to skip the ad, that’s the first situation. In the second situation, the situation is about your buying behaviour and before making any purchase, your search for the reviews regarding the purchase you are about to make. The first situation may come up as an irritating substance, but potential customers are looking for marketer’s review in the second situation. Faiz Israili with his website Rankdrive has been in the game since 2015. He has a keen eye for a business’s potential and likes to devote his time in investing with niche markets to make them grow and build a USP of their own.

Faiz often says, “In order to fit in the hearts and minds of the customer, you need to think like a consumer. Identifying what they are looking for and how they are looking for are the two key aspects that need to be determined before making any move for endorsing any promotional activity. Understanding what your clients demand and determining what their known and trusted channels of communication are, is the first and the most important step towards success.”

Faiz is CEO and Founder of RankDrive Tecchnologies. Follow Faiz On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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