How Fear Disrupts Success and Entrepreneurship According to Jesse Elder

You always hear about people “taking the leap.” Usually, people picture someone in their head doing something amazing, something uncalled for, something never done before. Rarely do people think about themselves – they think of the great inventors or the rich and famous. What is stopping you from taking that same leap they did? 

Jesse Elder, action philosopher, and author joins us on this episode of Making Bank podcast. Growing up as a homeschooled kid from Texas, Jesse wasn’t your typical student…and he still isn’t. Jesse learned how to use his experiences  –  his past, present, and future – and meditation to achieve the things he wanted. In doing so, he has been very successful in creating the life he wanted for himself.  

Discussing the impact of experiences and recognizing what is happening right in front of you, along with the importance of meditation and what it can show you, Jesse explores ways to push past bad experiences and fears to live an enlightened present. Plus, how this enlightenment can lead you to the next step in your journey. 


Choosing Happiness From Experiences  

Most of the time, people think they have to pick and choose what to compromise in order to achieve what they want to do in life. Happiness comes from a certain thing, and perhaps that could take away happiness from another aspect of life. Imbalanced lifestyles have become the norm in this fast paced, crazy world. But it doesn’t have to be like that, and Jesse is living proof of that. As an entrepreneur, you can be successful and well-rounded throughout your life – and that’s how it’s supposed to be.  

“Our bodies are so much more conduits than we are containers. You know, there’s an educational principle that says, you’re born dumb and stupid and you need to be filled up with the right facts. Otherwise, you’re not going to function in society, blah, blah, blah. I can tell you from personal experience, that’s not the case.” Jesse grew up homeschooled with parents who supported him and a hunger for living life to the fullest. If you asked him to do multiplication, he’d have to get his calculator…but he’s made millions of dollars, lives the exact life that he wants to, all while being exactly who he wants to be and never compromising any of that. 

The idea that we need to be filled up with all these facts is wrong, and it tends to stunt growth and passion. Basic knowledge and survival instincts are innately found in us. By being confined within restrains of what we must be taught and what we must learn, it can dull creativity. Jesse doesn’t abide by these rules. By living life through his senses, Jesse is fulfilled with all the knowledge that he needs to experience the life around him. 

Jesse uses his memories that he has to push him towards the goals that he sets himself up for in the future. This helps him use his intuition and instincts correctly, knowing that his past decisions had a sort of effect on his present, and how his present is going to affect his future. Along with this, he uses his imagination to explore the world and the potential possibilities of his creative endeavors. 


Meditating and Finding Creativity 

With reflecting on memories, Jesse also got into light meditation that allowed him to set intentions and thoughts. “What I began to experience with this meditation is that no only this blooming of freedom, but you forget to be scared. Like you just forget to be afraid. You forget to worry about the crap that we tend to worry about,” Jesse says. 

When you think about the here and now, death and the future don’t exist yet. Your connection to the world and the time right in front of you is all that matters in the moments of meditation, and you can see things that you might have previously overlooked or would show up in hindsight. 

This also allows Jesse to appreciate the things that he has right in front of him. In some perspectives, it’s sometimes hard to see beyond the bad stuff as it can cover up the good. “If we’re in frequency and an emotional state of stress, of fearing, of suffering, then all this beautiful universe can reflect us like the things to be stressed about, to be afraid of things, to be fearful of.”

If you’re constantly scared, not willing to leap, or fearful of failure, you’re stopping yourself before you get started. You’re going to attract failures by not taking a step in the direction that might lead you to your greatest success. You’re going to stay fearful with the ‘what ifs’ that are going to be left at the end of the day. Why not attract curiosity and creativity by exploring what you desire. If something feels uncomfortable, it’s usually reflecting growth. 

“Fear is the force of control. Fear is the currency of manipulation. And if somebody is not afraid, they become uncontrollable.” Jesse encourages those that want to be successful to face their fears, conquer them – being uncontrollably themselves. 

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