How Fitness Entrepreneur Amer Kamra Unites Business Owners Amid Frustrating Pandemic Lockdowns

Amer Kamra

No other Canadian male in the history of fitness has been published as much as Amer Kamra. He’s been on over a dozen magazine covers and hundreds of articles and spreads, all relating to his magnetic pull of fitness. He is the owner and CEO of Hammer Fitness, a wildly successful online body transformation business that also offers bodybuilding contest prep.

It is with this knowledge that we find ourselves scratching our heads asking, “why is the leader of a successful group of online businesses:  Hammer Fitness, LadytheFup, and MantheFup now positioning himself in a political way?”

Since the most recent lockdown, all of Ontario’s non-essential businesses have had to shut their doors, and only curbside pick-up is allowed.  Amer “The Hammer” Kamra has been posting daily videos imploring his followers to speak up, specifically against the disparity between how small business owners have to run their livelihoods vs. the privileges that big box stores enjoy.

It’s a natural progression.  No, not unless you understand how Amer Kamra thinks. Why? Because he doesn’t dwell in the middle where most people do.  He sets the bar very high for himself in all areas of his life, and the expectation of his staff, athletes, and clients is they too will meet and surpass that threshold.

Amer Kamra started The Mind Builder brand in 2016. The first Mind Builder conference had 300 attendees from around the globe.  By 2018, there were several thousands of guests.

Each year, the previous year’s success brought forth the demand for more of these self-development conferences.

amer kamra

Amer’s theories are unique and seamlessly integrate his vast understanding of human physiology, biology, and psychology.  With the pandemic shutting down live and large gatherings in early 2020, there has been no way to do live audiences, so Amer Kamra took to iTunes and Spotify to create The Mind Builder podcast, now ranked within the top-100 on iTunes.

His self-introspective videos command attention, perhaps because he uses the same voice and approach as The Mind Builder.You cannot help but be mesmerized and nodding your head in agreement.  His approach is provocative, controversial, and never self-indulgent.

There is always a point and a call to action.  Kamra’s motive? Certainly not more self-promotion.

His businesses are thriving, and he is grateful that his staff can still pay their bills and put food on the table and not have to resort to government hand-outs. He is a self-appointed speaker, leader, and lobbyist of sorts for the small business owner who has no voice.

Say the word union, and people immediately think of employees taking advantage, prolonged strikes, and grief for any capitalist.  But organizing people is precisely what Kamra is hoping to achieve.

amer kamra

Union means a club, society, or association formed by people with a common interest or purpose.  A consortium of small business owners who contributed to our economy, labor force and provided jobs for your teens and friends until this past year contributed to our economy.  But if things keep going in the direction they are, far too many small business owners will have to shut their doors for good, and this is unacceptable to Kamra for many reasons, some very personal.

“I supported myself while going to school, working in the hospitality industry.” One of the hardest-hit sectors of small businesses, Kamra states.  “If this continues,” he says, “your children won’t be able to secure part-time jobs.

More and more unemployed people will drain our already over-taxed welfare system, and the negative impact won’t be years in the making it right again – it could be decades.”

So, what is his plan?  To organize the thousands of small business owners and make the government listen. To take self-realization to self-actualization to the masses.  One voice of one isn’t as powerful or loud as one voice of tens of thousands of agents.

Regardless of where he puts his energy, Amer Kamra has the winning formula.

“When the world went into a global lockdown the first time in March 2020 and shows were suddenly canceled, I saw more than 50% of my business evaporate overnight.” Kamra shares.“I have employees and responsibility.  I couldn’t just sit by and watch 12 years of hard work go to dust.”

Small business owners are fortunate that they are getting for free what his clients have paid hundreds to thousands of dollars a month for his guidance to achieve greatness.

Suppose anyone can make Ontario great again; it is him. Amer Kamra for the win.

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