How Fly Guy DC Is Creating A Buzz In The Entertainment Scene

It takes expertise and skills to be of influence in the entertainment industry. For this young radio host in Atlanta, he is a highly sought-after influencer with merely two years into the industry who has mastered the craft. Fly Guy DC has over 100k followers on Instagram, making unprecedented moves in the entertainment setting at 29.

He also has remarkable abilities as a crowd controller, a television personality, and a philanthropist. He is a young millennial who contracted his success seemingly by accident. He has had no mentorship, formal education, or communication background, but instead, his natural talent influences his accomplishments.

Fly Guy DC Background

Fly Guy DC is originally from Washington DC but has made a life in Georgia. He is the eldest of five who a single parent has raised. He is a 2016 Laude criminal justice graduate of Clark Atlanta University. He is a trailblazer who began his journey as a host following his unfortunate accident as a college basketball player.

When people lost most jobs during a pandemic, Fly Guy DC took the time to establish his brand, where he built two digital platforms, Storytime with Fly Guy DC and Isolation Insider. The platforms have thousands of views on Instagram and YouTube. Isolation Inside has made waves, especially after Fly Guy DC hosted reputable individuals like YBN Nahmir, YFN Lucci, and Mulatto with over 30 minutes deep conversations. The Neighborhood Talk and TheShadeRoom have also showcased his work.

How He is Creating A Buzz Across The Internet

  1. He is People-centered

Fly Guy DC’s actions are all directed to his audience. He does what would please and serve the audience. He puts the people first other than himself. That way, he can best deliver his content to suit the audience’s interests. When the audience is delighted, they will deliberately grow massively, which falls into your favor without your realization. He always has an ear for the streets and works on fulfilling their wants.

  1. He constantly works on building his craft.

Fly Guy DC is not afraid to take chances despite uncertainties. He built his digital platforms amidst a pandemic which turned out to be a flare. He also constantly works on improving his skills to be his best version when serving the people. It’s essential to curate your art as it builds your worth.

  1. He has a Huge voice behind his humility.

With his humility, you cannot judge his influence that can dominate the world. With his unmatched energy that would loosen anybody’s lousy mood, you could expect him to be highly about himself. He works hard despite his inborn talent, and he dedicates his efforts to his audience. His fantastic personality also connects him to the people.


It is worth taking the time to listen to his content to get inspired and entertained. He is undoubtedly the go-to person in Atlanta with his significant influence and personality. You can learn more about Fly Guy DC by viewing his website or Instagram below.



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