How Former Pizza Delivery Driver Ahmed Alomari Grew G Money Into a Viral Sensation and Made Millions on Facebook

At 27, Ahmed Alomari pka G Money would have been written off as a failure. He was working a dead end job at a Newport, Rhode Island pizzeria trying to save money for the arrival of his first son with his wife, Maya. The future appeared dim for him, from the outside looking in.

Who would have known that three years later he would become a self-made millionaire running a social media empire and investing business? He made his first million by the age of 30 and grew it to $2.1 million investing in the stock market. By 31, he sold his social media company including an Alexa top 5,000 website, to the former execs of MySpace!

At only 31 years old, he had an estimated net worth of US $5.5 million. His ‘overnight’ success is anything but, which people struggle to understand. With nearly 3 million followers across social media, people DM daily curious about his success. They want to know his secret sauce and here are four things Ahmed focused on in his humble beginnings. 

Ahmed Took Action 

Early in his twenties, working as a pizza delivery guy, Ahmed knew there was something better and the only way to get ahead was to make money work for him.  

He didn’t waste time. He immediately took action! While driving in the snow for $3 tips, he would constantly think of side hustles to build his bankroll. He came across an article about ViralNova’s Scott Delong, who was making $100,000 per week with viral marketing. Ahmed didn’t even have a FB account at the time. Everyone he talked to about his idea laughed at him and said he would need millions to get started. Ahmed became even MORE motivated, bought the domain name RealCoolVideos with the $8,000 he saved up and went ALL IN.

Ahmed refused to be scared from pursuing his destiny. In order to succeed he had to take calculated risks and bet on himself. Ahmed says, “Shooters Shoot! You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take! Two of the worst things in life are regret and unfulfilled potential. Don’t make excuses. Instead, find solutions! People underestimate how money from hard work can compound over  2, 5, or 10 years. If you plan correctly, you can change your life in as little as 6 months, but take action now!” 

Ahmed Focused On Relationships Over Money

Early in his Facebook business, Ahmed spent a lot of time networking and building his reputation. He started building close relationships with DJs and up-and-coming influencers. His reputation spread and suddenly he was running pages of major superstars like Ne-Yo, Eddie Griffin, Brandy, and Meek Mill.

Business boomed from $5,000 a month to $300,000+ a month in advertising revenue. Ahmed realized his competition was only focusing on themselves and there was a huge void in the market. By focusing on his clients/influencers, identifying what made them tick, and ways they could benefit first, Ahmed was eventually rewarded tenfold for his focus on the relationships first.

Ahmed Never Give UpHe Learned from Mistakes

Before Ahmed revolutionized influencer marketing on Facebook, he had several business ventures that failed miserably. He tried vending machines, gum ball machines, ATMs, even a smoothie shop! Name a hustle to make money, he tried it! Success took time. But he learned from his mistakes and, from experience, built principles and a formula that made him millions. 

No Guts, No Glory!

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Ahmed lost all his money 3-4 times before he became a multimillionaire. He didn’t care about his comfort zone, and he didn’t want to be normal. He wanted his life to be extraordinary. and that required sacrifice. He cut costs and saved his money. He established his skill set and cut his niche. He reflected on all the foolish things he used to spend money on and instead decided to invest in himself to get ahead!

After selling his FB company, Ahmed went on to build 3 other multimillion-dollar online businesses. He is now a consultant to some of the world’s elite coaches and publicly traded companies. His methods, strategies, and tactics have been compiled together into online training programs that have made his clients millions. When he is not consulting, he loves to spend his time with his wife and 6 children.

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