How Garrett Shiner Started as a Twitch Streamer and Scaled Shiner Marketing into a 7-Digit Business

Garrett Shiner, an upcoming entrepreneur and a successful marketing strategist, has achieved an impressive timeline, all at the young age of 18. While kids follow college post-school for a better future, they seldom question the process. A designed curriculum might not work for everyone. Each mind has its limitations. For Shiner, the limitation turned out to be a boon. He knew early on in his life that college was not meant for him. He wanted to be financially free, set a path for himself, and never follow the herd. Instead, today he inspires many and now runs his online Company, Shiner Marketing, which is already generating a 7-figure revenue.

Shiner started the Entrepreneur Club at Westlake academy in the 8th grade. He had a vision and was sure of his passion. The wisdom to have a stable income and have a business of your own surpasses many in their adulthood but not for Shiner. He dug his idea further and started exploring digital currency, which led to Bitcoin and trading catching his attention. In 2014, he was delving into Bitcoin Mining, Automation, Starting Shopify Stores, and Stocks. His creative genius kept him hungry for learning and reskilling. He soon chanced upon social media and found his new love, gaming. He started as a Twitch streamer and had a successful short stint.

Shiner soon realized to continue to learn new things, he also needed to set up resources for generating regular income. This idea got him and his friend Jeron brainstorming together. They quickly realized they could monetize their social media channels, and were soon doing a pretty good job of it. Shiner started thinking about creating something even more significant. He now wanted to help businesses with his tips and tricks as an entrepreneur. That’s what Shiner Marketing excels at doing today.

As Shiner puts it, “There’s an exception to every rule. So work hard to become the exception.” He has established that you can opt to have your own life plan and still be doing great at life. His company Shiner marketing, now works with hundreds of businesses all over the US. Social Media Management, Lead Generation, Email & Text Marketing, SEO & Websites, Paid Advertising are the leading services his company is known for.

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