Helping others on the road to financial freedom requires even more determination and focus than starting on a journey of your own – even more so, when it comes to making a difference in this area. Gianluigi Ventre is clear about this process, which is why, in his journey as an expert in the digital environment, he has carried out great processes, which has allowed him, not only to achieve his success, but also to guide others towards this path that has brought him so many benefits.

Ventre is a young entrepreneur who has achieved financial success, thanks to his studies, work, and constant effort. His skills in handling the financial markets on the internet allowed him to obtain great results. However, his vision of growth does not stop and it is precisely this that has led him to share his experience with others who are pursuing a similar goal to his own.

However, Ventre’s success did not start by chance. This young man, who comes from a working family, has had to focus all his efforts on the road to achieve the goals he set for himself.

As a young man who was attracted to finance from the beginning, he decided to undertake studies in this area. While at university, Hold’em of Texas captured his attention, even more so because of the proximity to his father’s business, where he ran a poker club.

This led him to become a trained player and even a croupier, where he earned his first salary plus commissions. In addition to playing in person, he also became an important player on the web, since he played against professional players. And, he even got the third place in a poker tournament.

All this experience led him to understand a little more about the functioning of the digital environment. He even had the opportunity to create an automated system to generate equal games simultaneously on different online platforms. By the age of 19, Ventre had managed to accumulate a considerable fortune.

Preparation and Implementation

Wanting to learn much more about financial market processes, Ventre felt that the university had already given him enough. And, in his search for more knowledge, he moved to another city.

His journey took him between Milan, Lugano, Tenerife, England, and many other territories. In each of them, he embarked on a new facet of work that brought him greater knowledge, but also conviction and closeness to what he wanted and worked for.

He worked as a household goods salesman, a worker in a pharmaceutical company, as part of the public relations in a nightclub, and even as a boxer. In each of these facets, he was known for his experiences and his ability to work with passion.

All of this brought him even closer to his goals. Once in America, Ventre helped a close family member with his business and there, he understood even more about how the financial market works.

In his early days, he had some setbacks due to scams and fake courses that made him lose money. After that, he began to see the results, and, with his skills, started collaborating with a network. In this process, his mission was to get more people to join in and increase their income. With time, the activity was very successful.

Studying much more, preparing himself, and even generating new strategies and more profitable and automatic systems, which would allow him to monitor the markets 24 hours a day, were all part of what this young man achieved, thanks to his dedication.

Continuously Improving

Although he currently runs his own company, he is growing every day in the sector and manages different accounts in the area of the financial markets. The constant preparation and his desire to continuously improve what he does are aspects that characterize the life of this young man.

Investing in personal growth as business culture, not only in the foreign exchange market but also in the area of online sales in general, is a purpose on which he has constantly focused.

This has allowed him, thanks to his academy, to guide people who want to achieve their financial freedom, whether it is starting a business from scratch, managing their money personally, or even earning a steady income over the long term.

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