How Gigg CEO Helps Brands Grow Using Innovative Social Media Competitions

Every business today should have a social media presence, according to Gigg CEO Scott Warner. The sooner they have an online presence, the sooner they can expand their audience and capture more leads. More leads = more sales. In today’s digital era, setting up a few social media pages is simply not enough. Instead, those pages need to be filled with engaging content and have a strong, interactive following. Warner has been helping businesses and influencers do exactly that for several years now through Gigg.

Gigg is a platform that uses exclusive software that with built-in strategies and tools to help brands attract and engage followers, both on social media and on their websites, and then convert those followers into leads and sales.

The main way this is done is through the use of competitions, specifically the Automated Competition Engine. Warner has always understood the power of online competitions and has been committed to providing businesses and influencers a way to do them on their sites. After years of development and testing, Gigg launched an automated competition platform designed to help engage and energize a brand’s customers while simultaneously helping to grow the brand. The objective of these competitions is to garner more user-generated content, which brands can then use in further marketing campaigns. The premise is simple: dangle a tempting giveaway, and give incentive to a target audience to submit content in hopes of winning the competition. Then ask each competitor to invite all their friends and family back to the company site to vote for their submission. The result is a plethora of valuable user-generated content to be used by the brand, as well as countless new potential visitors to the site. Website traffic skyrockets with these competitions.

User-generated content is king in the realm of social media, and Gigg understands not only the complexities of using user-generated content, but also how to make the most out of the UGC a brand does have. When you leverage Social Tags Competitions that Gigg offers, your brand will never run out of authentic user-generated content again. Quality user-generated content means more followers and converting engaged followers into leads and sales. It’s all cyclical.

For brands looking to increase visibility, reach and follower count, the Comments Competitions may help. This type of competition works by encouraging more engagement in the form of comments from prospective customers on a brand’s social media posts. Major social media platforms function on an algorithm. Accounts or posts, with the most engagement get exposed to more people on the social network, so a Comments Competition is effective in helping promote a social post to a wider audience. This leads to a snowball effect of a continually-increasing fan base.

The third type of competition offered by Gigg is a User Upload Competition. This one drives existing and new customers to a brand’s website by using custom embedded competitions. All entrants in the competition submit their content and drive their friends to a brand’s website without the brand having to do anything. It’s a great hands-off approach for those who do not have the time or resources to stay on top of very involved social media marketing campaigns.

Growing a brand’s social media following using the Competition Engine drives potential customers to a brand’s website. Every type of competition offered by Gigg provides a unique and innovative way of driving sales while also developing a sense of community around a brand.

To date, Gigg has helped countless brands within several industries and niches, including higher education, entertainment, event venues, corporate culture, restaurants, hospitality, sports, and retail & ecommerce. Warner plans to continue helping as many businesses and influencers accelerate their social media presence and growth to then enjoy more leads and sales.

To learn more about Gigg, you can head to its website. You can also follow Scott Warner on Instagram @scottwarner18.

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