How Growing Up in Brooklyn Nurtured King Chad’s Passion for Music

Music has this inexplicable quality. It can lift us in times of duress and makes us experience almost transcendental emotions. Our affinity toward music comes to us naturally. It’s as if a part of us is predisposed to respond to it, learn from it, benefit from it and, for a chosen few, give back to it.

Chadly Francois, popularly known as King Chad, has engaged with music on all these levels. This is a story of how growing up in Brooklyn nurtured Chad’s passion for music and made him give to it and give into it with his heart and soul.

In Brooklyn New York, King Chad grew up around music and also took that same love to Sarasota FL. The city itself has much to do with music. Home to street-rap battles, budding musicians of different calibers and backgrounds, and a constant flow of new sounds pulsating from TVs and radios, Brooklyn has had a proud musical tradition.

Reminiscing his earlier years, Chad says, “I grew up during the times of 106 & Park, Hot 97, Rap City, and more. I responded to it as much as anybody but there was something else as well. I was quick to realize that my taste in music was appreciated by my peers. They often banked on me to help them find good, new music.”

In the beginning, it was just something I did. Soon, however, I realized that there was more to it. I was able to listen to the sound between the lines, so to speak. I was able to connect with the spirit of the music and uncover my own to it. Once I realized this connection, I knew Brooklyn had helped me find my calling.

King Chad has released 4 albums in three years. Needless to say, the muses have been gently smiling upon him. There seems to be no stopping his desire to churn out new music now and then.

Chad believes he owes his seemingly endless supply of musical inspiration to Brooklyn, which allowed him to engage with a variety of genres, from hip-hop, R&B, boom bap rap, pop, and alternative music to Latin music, reggaeton music, and soul music from the get-go.

He believes that Brooklyn has a musical spine that resonates with people who desire harmony, balance, and a sense of fulfillment in their work. In short, the city has served as his muse and will continue to direct his musical sensibilities in times to come.

King Chad has two brothers by the name of Ashley Francois and Young Knight who are also musical artists and planning to drop a collab album next year.

Please be on the lookout for more music from King Chad


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