How Growing Your Instagram Page Can Become Your Best Investment According to a Branding Expert

In 2020, we have come to experience the coronavirus and a complete lockdown from countries all over the world, and, when it comes to running a brick and mortar business, the odds have never been so out of your favor. With the fear of catching the virus at an all-time high, business owners need to find new ways that will continue to grow their business and a massive spike in social media use over the past 6 months poses a huge opportunity for growth to those who can see it.

Meet Dre Medici, founder of Grow with Us Agency. The 20-year-old entrepreneur has never been on fire the way he has been over the past few months. Medici is an Instagram expert when it comes to branding and growth strategies. Medici understands the online game better than most people making money through Instagram, and given his knowledge in the realm, Medici has been able to capitalize on the opportunity at hand, taking his business from 6 to 7 figures in one year.

Now, Medici and his team help anyone take their Instagram page to the next level through his life changing done for you service, and coaching systems which he calls Grow with Us Agency. Medici’s clients and students have ranged from 8-figure business owners to young teens looking for opportunities to live the laptop lifestyle. 

The Modern-Day Gold Rush 

 Instagram has become one of the most marketable platforms over the last few years, with an actively engaged audience, and boasting more than one way to connect with their audiences such as reels, stories, feed, and direct messaging. With so much money flowing through Instagram and its active user base of 1 billion people, there’s no wonder it’s a hit with online brands all across the world. You may be thinking that the market has already been saturated on Instagram. In reality, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. The way Instagram has been curated serves almost as a business card or a very personalized Rolodex, and this will help you get in contact with anybody you need to help you grow your business or just become a customer. 

Defining the ROI of an Instagram Account 

When it comes to defining the kind of ROI an Instagram can provide it makes sense to identify the type of Instagram page you’re building. For example, if you are a personal trainer, Medici would be a strong proponent of having an elite branded Instagram with high-quality content if you’re trying to stand out in that space. The more effort you put into your online business card, the higher the chance you have to close more clients and sell more services. 

Medici’s advice on growing an Instagram

Grow your audience – It comes at no surprise that the first thing you should consider when growing your Instagram is to increase the following amount. For one, an increased following almost instantly translates into a credible brand when paired with high-quality content. By prioritizing this, you start to build a case for why someone should take your page seriously the moment they land on it. No matter how good your service is, you will always lose out to the competition if their following outnumbers yours by a lot.  

High-quality content – The second most valuable component for a solid Instagram page is having high-quality content, this push of extra effort on the content will make a night and day difference within saturated niches. You can’t out-niche someone, but you can produce higher quality content that will be consumed easier. This form of content is a no brainer for 99% of people an audience would much rather watch the 4k video over the video shot on a potato. 

Engage with your audience – Engage, engage, engage! Most online brands leave so much potential business on the table from having a lack of engagement with their audience. When you get to the point that you see your audience actively trying to engage, this can create an opportunity to further market yourself in a personal way. You can send them a DM, respond and answer any questions, or make their day seeing their favorite brand respond.  

Dominate the Game 

Lastly, if you want to make Instagram your best time and energy investment for your business, you need to dominate your industry. Dre Medici and the team over at Grow with Us Agency specialize in helping ordinary people obtain extraordinary results. They will ensure you have everything you need such as finding clients, branding yourself, and ultimately dominating your Instagram market space. 

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