How Gurugle Is Shaping the Education System Through Intuitorship

Gurugle is concentrating on intuitorship program which transcends individual abilities and skills to the highest form of intuition.

After what a dull year 2020 had been, it has been left behind by almost all of us and as we welcome 2021 we must be pulling up our socks to live our life with full potential this year. Unlike last year our lives will be beyond the screens this year and we must be ready to face the new world with futuristic changes. This means developing a new skill set and creating the change we wish to see which you can do by understanding how intuition will help in organizations decision-making and finding unique methodology in solving research problems. This is where Gurugle comes in. Where you can find your intuitor or be an intuitee.

Gurugle is concentrating on intuitorship program which transcends individual abilities and skills to the highest form of intuition. Founded by Bhargav Varma, this program is very carefully created to help you learn about your unique strengths, and develop skills such as Intuitive precognition, devinishing quantum reality, intuitive perception, and intuitive aptitude along with understanding the ability to analyze and comprehend anything perceived with the interface of human-computer perception in the age of Artificial intelligence and beyond.

Gurugle is a great intuitorship program that will help you develop skills such as intuitive precognition, devinishing quantum reality, capturing flashes, intuitive perception, and intuitive aptitude. They use quantum language processing which makes it a very unique and innovative platform. 

As already the pioneers of the intuitorship program in the world. They are also planning a quantum natural language processing interface in the near future. 

Through Gurugle, you can create and customize intuitoring groups for separate intuitoring programs and deliver global intutoring with a master group. It also helps you to collaborate by providing a wide platform where you can interact through video conferences with your intuitors and intuitees as well as for problem-solving and matching solutions to scale up your intuitive efforts.    

Both Bhargav Varma and Sailesh Kumar understand that an intuitor’s time is valuable and should be treated that way that is why having an intuitor provides a dedicated forum to learn the ropes, receive coaching and grow the skills of the intuitee. They have made a platform for them to create a good intuitoring relationship between an intuitor and an intuitee and map out their path to success.  

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