How Hardwork & Dedication Changed Andrew De Angelis’ Life

Andrew De Angelis, popularly known as Andyde is a well-known, self-made Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist. Andrew was born and brought up in Melbourne, Australia. He’s just 36 and has achieved so much in his life. Andrew owns and works hard for so many companies and businesses. He has owned many online businesses such as Affiliate marketing business and e-commerce stores as well as investing in cryptocurrency.

Andrew’s networking has to lead him to rub shoulders with some of Australia’s biggest Entrepreneurs, some earning hundreds of millions of dollars. Looking through Andrew’s Instagram you might think he is the son of a Dubai Millionaire but he has friends that trust him and let him drive their cars worth up to a million dollars. When asked what his secret is to know all these high net-worth Entrepreneurs, his answer is, “I want to genuinely learn more about these people, just because they wear 200k watches and drive million dollars cars I don’t want anything from them, if they are friendly to me and we get along we hang out and become close friends, if they are genuine people and humble then we always be good friends.”

Andrew De Angelis is the founder of Azul Digital, he’s the owner of “Mobile Jungle Australia” Online Electronic sales, he’s Head of Creative for “Parsl” Cannabis Technology, other than that he’s a Silent Partner is 2 other Online Stores. Along with so many owned businesses. He sees himself as more of a Digital Creator than a successful Entrepreneur. He’s been creating content online for over 10 years and is loved & followed by many people, he’s a huge fan following. Andrew is a dedicated entrepreneur but his love for traveling and adventure is no less. He’s traveled to almost 28 Countries till now but there is plenty more to go.

Andrew grew up in Melbourne in Australia, in a middle class happy close family. In high school he sold basketball cards, he used to fix people’s computers, he did everything that he could and never left any chance to make money. After high school Andrew worked as a mechanic for 9 years, later he worked as a baggage handler at the airport, and while working at the airport, he established his first online company, Hotel Travel Connection. Then he started creating websites and doing graphic design for people for free after he learned how to move around the website development world.

Andrew got his first payment for his work was by developing a web application for Qantas Airlines. Andrew said “I told them the Annual Leave system they used was terrible, they then asked if I could make a better one, I said yes I can. So I went home with no idea of how to create a web app but learned from scratch and made it happen” That’s when he left the airport work when his web development company had grown to the point that he was making money. He then went to work for an Australian entrepreneur for a year while continuing to create his side business and gaining clients. Andrew finally left working for the entrepreneur and got asked to work on a medical cannabis business based in Australia, he traveled around America with them filming content and became their Head Of Creative. While working with the cannabis business he still had his web development business as a side hustle. That side hustles now employees 6 people and is a full-time Digital Agency.

Andrew has worked hard to reach the point where he is right now. It took a lot of patience and hard work to reach there. He always stayed humble and waited for what he deserved. Andrew’s mantra which kept him motivated is “Hard work puts you where good luck can find you.” He also believes in “Nice guys finish first, it’s just that we are sometimes losing at halftime.” Andrew wasn’t born with a silver spoon but he worked hard and mindfully that made him achieve his goals. Andrew is a very down-to-earth person and he always tries to help young entrepreneurs who face difficulties finding their ways. Andrew says “I’m not rich, I don’t have a Lamborghini and a mansion yet, but I am rich in friends, family, laughter, network, and love, if that’s all I have till the day I die, I consider my self the richest man alive”

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