How Hardwork Made This Investor his own Boss

Recently, real estate investing has become a very well discussed topic. There are many people everyday who are trying to find different ways to enter the industry and despite all the resources that are out there, people are still intimidated by it. Handel Henri, aka “Del Henri”, is a Miami, Florida native who has taken advantage of the lucrative real estate investing business and started his own real estate.

Handel is a firm believer in real estate investing and wants to promote it to his audience. Becoming a real estate investor is no easy task, it requires a lot of time and hard work. For anyone who has ever had a landlord, you know how often you have to put in a call for any issue around the house.

Now if you are on the other side of the phone and you are a landlord, you are the one constantly dealing with anything that goes wrong at one of your properties. Things like a faulty light switch, squeaky hinges, and leaky pipes are all relatively minor issues that would result in a call from your tenant, and the more you have means the more calls you have to answer. 

Initially when people hear what it is like to be a landlord, they are not very interested since it requires a lot of time and responsibility. Handel is not a person to shy away from a difficult situation, he credits most of his success to his hard work and dedication. His philosophy is that hard work can take you as far as you want to go and in his own words, “The moment you give up, is the moment you fail.”

Handel is a firm believer that even if the odds are stacked against you, you should not give up because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Even after years of experience Handel still believes that his biggest obstacle is all the clients which he has to handle on a daily basis. All of this just further shows that even after multiple years of experience handling countless properties and doing financial planning, the job does not get any easier.

Handel has already grown his business to a relatively large company, but he is still chasing all of the potential within H&H Investments. He plans to take full advantage of the opportunities that the market has to offer and he is working to adjust his company so that they can generate more profits as efficiently as possible. He is a firm believer that real estate will never die which is why he invests everything he has into the market.

He advises anyone who wants to get into the industry to always network and not to be afraid to go out and meet people who could potentially help you or your business grow. Handel puts all of his effort into making sure that all of his clients receive the best service possible, he wants everyone involved to be satisfied.

Unfortunately there is no special secrets that Handel has to offer for people interested in getting started other than maintaining a hard working attitude, and you will achieve any goals you have set.

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