How Hassan and Malik Mahmoud Are Pushing Entrepreneurs to Victory with The Digital Warriors

Throughout history, a warrior has been seen as a figure of strength. Someone who rises up and faces challenges head-on for the benefit of his community. One who wears his beliefs and convictions like armour and would test himself on the battlefield for the idea of something grand. They are also seen as caregivers. The warriors who hunt and battle and sacrifice for the ones they love. This is the mindset that brothers Hassan and Malik Mahmoud have been developing as they prepare to launch their Digital Warriors platform. These two brothers are established forex and crypto traders and marketers, who have harnessed the spirit of the warrior and used that mentality to revolutionize their finances, creating the life they’ve dreamed of. Believing that their knowledge and skills are a gift given to them, they are now poised to pass on the wisdom and strategies they’ve accumulated to those willing to step up and claim their destiny.

The Mahmoud brothers believe that there is a warrior within everybody, but societal values and social pressuring has lead to people neglecting their warrior spirit, cutting them off from the willpower and drive to get out into the world, test their mettle and succeed. This is why they are launching Digital Warriors. Digital Warriors is an educational entrepreneurial platform and community that Hassan and Malik are building where they can share their knowledge with ambitious people, cultivating that warrior spirit within other driven individuals and giving them the tools to get ahead and succeed in these crazy times. After achieving their own financial freedom, and demonstrating their ability to help over 200 clients achieve 6 and 7 figure returns, Hassan and Malik are turning their attention towards something grander than themselves.

The Mahmoud brothers have worked earnestly on building the Digital Warriors, recruiting experts from a variety of fields. These contributors include other established forex and crypto traders, 7 figure online marketers, transformational human development coaches, and drawing from their own pool of skills and strategies to create a results driven platform that offers value for multidisciplinary entrepreneurs. They are even offering access to their own proprietary A.I. algorithmic trading software for members of the Digital Warriors, which currently costs private consumers a minimum of $500 a month.

Hassan and Malik feel personally obligated to give others the chance to create their own version of the financial freedom they’ve been able to enjoy, and aim to create up to 5000 successful new traders utilizing the methods and strategies being taught through the Digital Warrior community. The Mahmoud brothers will use the Digital Warriors platform to host a variety of learning resources, live Q&A sessions and workshops to develop the skills of its members, with hands on mentoring and actionable strategies in forex and crypto that their community can implement to earn money while they learn. Their hope is that they can create a space where other ambitious people will take what they have to offer on board, be able to courageously move forward in their life generating their own value, and empowering others in the community; creating a cycle of success.

The Digital Warriors is currently in its pre-launch phase, taking on members before they launch fully in early 2021. Connect with Malik and Hassan Mahmoud to stay in the loop of the Digital Warrior movement and harness the power to elevate your life beyond your dreams.

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