How HD Fresko Built His Career As A Hip Hop Artist

Originally from Haiti, HD Fresko has beat the odds

A well-told story can catch the attention of just about everyone. The fan-favorite versions of these stories always boil down the way the protagonist is portrayed in the tale. Underdogs are always rooted for, no matter what background they come from. And when the underdog wins, everyone is happy.

Rising hip hop artist HD Fresko can be easily thought of as a protagonist. The Miami-based hip-hop artist lived in Haiti until he was 13-years-old. He was born in a small town called Cap-Haitien and grew up without having many of the possessions we as Americans take for granted.

HD Fresko knew he was destined to make music from an early age, even when he didn’t have the intention of becoming an artist. “I’ve always had a love for music since I can remember,” said Fresko. “I’ve always admired certain artists growing up and always wanted to mirror them.” He also participated in a boys’ choir during his time in Haiti. He was about 11-years-old while in the choir.

HD Fresko began recording his first songs on a headset microphone. “I recorded my first song using a headset microphone as a mic back in ’09,” said Fresko. “I never had the intention to become a recording artist although I knew I had the talent.”

Fresko made his debut on all major platforms back in 2019 with his single “Trap House.” He stayed quiet from 2019 until just earlier this month when he released a new single called “Phases.”

While it is unclear how active Fresko will be this year, the new release brings excitement to the possibility of more music being released.

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