How Huff & Puff Burgers is Poised to Become an International Brand

Huff & Puff Burgers, a burger chain based in the United Arab Emirates, has quickly risen to a level of popularity that few other restaurants possess. With the likes of Five Guys and Shake Shack having been around for many years, Huff & Puff is incredibly unique as it’s grown like wildfire in just 4 years since being founded in 2016 by Emirati entrepreneur Nada Alshamsi.

The chain has grown from just one location when it was founded to 11 locations around the UAE, with 5 locations in KSA, 1 in Salalah-Oman, and 1 in Kuwait. The brand has been recognized as a “favorite destination” by the renowned publication Burger Lovers, and plans are in the works for Huff & Puff to expand internationally. With the brand having an international trademark in 165 countries, international expansion isn’t very far off.

Outside of an incredible burger recipe, flawless customer service, and some of the fastest order-to-table times in the industry, Huff & Puff is part of a larger mission of giving back. When the restaurant’s founder Nada is not hard at work growing the brand internationally and running the restaurants, she spends time giving free meals to the poor and helping those in need.

While Huff & Puff’s success can be largely attributed to its superior food and excellent service, it’s successful in no small part to Nada’s incredible leadership. She’s run the operation from day one with just one restaurant, and is still at the helm of a 11 location operation that has no signs of slowing.

Nada has spent the last few years waking up early each day, leading the brand in the right direction and running operations, all while keeping up with the world’s latest trends and using social media to promote Huff & Puff. This dynamic combination of hard work and creative genius on Nada’s part has allowed the brand to blossom.

Aside from the countless customers falling in love with their burgers, Huff & Puff has dealt with competitors attempting to steal their recipes. Although these attempts were unsuccessful, it became clear to Nada and her team that their burgers were amongst the best in the entire industry. With this inadvertent vote of confidence from her competitors, Nada has been working harder than ever before to bring the brand internationally.

Huff & Puff undoubtedly operates in an incredibly competitive industry, but few burger restaurants can match up to the brand’s delicious recipes, outstanding service, and speedy order times. Look for Huff & Puff locations to start popping up around the globe in the next few years.

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