How Indie Music Composer and Singer Prateek Gandhi is Defying Latent Industry Stereotypes

When we ask singer-composer Prateek Gandhi what’s next in his already diverse efforts and achievements, he doesn’t blink once before revealing his maiden international collaboration with Dubai-based award-winning actress and singer, Alfeeya Donna. The independent release ‘Do hisse’ is a soul-stirring song of two grieving lovers enduring the pain of separation. The song is guaranteed to take the listener on an emotional ride that breaks them from within, yet leaves them wishing nothing but the best for each other.

Before we move on to Gandhi’s diverse portfolio; we must touch upon the topic of what first comes to mind when we think about an independent composer or music producer? Perhaps that he works from a makeshift home studio with a laptop, a condenser microphone, and egg-carton soundproofing? Or maybe he works at odd times during the night, brewing a genius composition so ahead of its time, that no one will ever see the brilliance of it? The lockdown has indeed bred a generation of bedroom producers and ‘Lo-Fi’ experimenters. Contrary to one of the most popular misconceptions today, Indie is not a genre. This is where Indian singer, composer, and mixing-mastering engineer, Prateek Gandhi, steps in to clear all doubts without actually saying much but armed with his magnanimous achievements.

Gandhi, who hails from the beautiful state of Rajasthan, has spent over a decade building a reputation that flies in the face of all Indie music-related stereotypes: One, he works with every talented artist who comes to him for a collaboration, with little attention to their actual popularity. Two, he runs one of Mumbai’s foremost recording studios, Aum Studio (Aum here is not only the Indian spiritual symbol and sacred sound but also stands for Audio, U, and Me). Three, his tracks have gained so much commercial popularity that it is hard to associate him with the stereotypes above. Why else would some of the most prolific singers across India like Ash King, Benny Dayal, Ankit Tiwari, Raja Hassan, Nakkash Aziz, Sukriti Kakkar, Purva Mantri, Shefali Alvares, and Gurinder Seagal come to him?

The fact is, Prateek Gandhi knows his craft, and more importantly, the history behind his art. His music perfectly blends the traditional with the contemporary. From belting out the immensely popular and universally crooned anthems for the Star Sports World Cup in cricket ‘Tum Khelo Dum Se’ and later dishing out Hot Star’s IPL anthem, all the way to contemporary classical hits like ‘Prem Deewani’ featuring actor Manish Goplani and based on Mirabai’s poem, Gandhi has done it all.

Unrestricted by genre, he has created three songs featuring Purva Mehra, namely ‘Raanjha Ve’, ‘Banke Patola’, and ‘Bade Kamine Ho’ which have cumulatively racked up nearly 13 million views on YouTube. His singles with Benny Dayal and Shefali Alvares ‘Beishqi Galliyan’, ‘Mumbai Machaand’ and ‘Kahin Nai Jaana’ featuring the work of Hindustani Bhau, Lakshay Kapoor, and Faisal Miya Photuwale have crossed 8 Million views, and his most recent single ‘Kalma’ has crossed 2.2 million.

Just when you’re thinking about all the glamour and numbers relating to his work, Gandhi shows us he hasn’t forgotten his roots either. His beautiful Rajasthani folk album ‘Jogan Piya’ is a testament to where his heart really is. Back in Banswara, Rajasthan! The four soulful songs ‘Mharo des’, ‘Neend Nahi Aave’, ‘Thare Siwa’ and ‘Piya Ko Milan’ are undisputed hits among his fans, many having no prior exposure to Rajasthani folk music.

Additionally, Gandhi has just unveiled his unique tribute to one of the greatest poets of this generation, the Late Dr. Rahat Indori. The tribute ‘Ek Alag Pehchaan’, contains 9 tracks based on the ghazals and poems written by maestro set to 9 paintings by India’s foremost artists. Gandhi has contributed one song to this monumental effort. His composition ‘Judaai’, redefines Rahat Sahab’s widely acclaimed ghazal of the same name with experimental sounds and contemporary treatment.

As for work done during the lockdown, India will always remember this Facebook-exclusive artist’s dark and hard-hitting single ‘Kaisa Ye Zeher Hai’, his first solo song displaying his unrestrained vocal prowess and guitar-shredding skills. Today, he has over 45 tracks available for listening on the world’s biggest social network today.

For more information, visit Gandhi’s website and follow him on Instagram @prateekgandhiaum



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