How Influencer Cassidy Payne is Growing Her Platform by Being an Unapologetic ‘Blonde Bombshell’


Cassidy Payne has never been too shy in front of the limelight. Having grown up with a love for entertainment and an eager yearning to form a career within such a competitive industry, she has grown quite the platform within the past few years, all while branding herself as a multi-talented “blonde bombshell.”

A dancer, model, and creator, her content is versatile, from showcasing her amazing dance performances to entertaining audiences through her comedic skits intended for a light laugh. With a story filled with adversity, Payne’s relatability is what truly continues to captivate her audience.

Born and raised in Owensboro, Kentucky, Payne had her four-year-old eyes set on becoming a dancer after attending a showing of The Nutcracker. She was enamored with the entertainment world at a young age, knowing that she had the talent and ambition to endure in a difficult industry because of her pure love for entertaining.

Her mother took notice of Payne’s passion for dancing and registered her for dance lessons when she turned seven. The influencer went on to join intense competitive dance studios with serious training in different types of styles. These activities were the foundation to Payne’s current impressive skills showcased in various viral videos – both on her TikTok and Instagram.

However, before she became the viral sensation she is now, Payne worked a job that downplayed her potential. Knowing that she wanted more out of her life than a mundane routine of doing the same tedious tasks and having to live paycheck to paycheck, Payne made the bold decision of sitting in her Prius, and driving across the country from little Owensboro to bustling Los Angeles.

Settling in a fresh, new city proved to be difficult at first. Payne moved into a loft in a small two-bedroom apartment, sleeping on an air mattress for the next four to five years. While LA offered many opportunities, Payne also had to be a realist about affording a living as she navigated through the city’s hustle and bustle. She worked another 9-to-5 position, which she eventually quit as she could not dedicate time to training or attending last-minute auditions.

In 2017, Payne was at an audition that required her to perform a physically demanding routine that her body was not in shape for due to her minimal training. The incident caused her to tear her knee, forcing her to return home to receive surgery. The injury was so severe that she had to relearn how to walk, inhibiting herself from dancing for a year.

Nevertheless, all was not lost. With her return to LA a year later, Payne came back with a strong head and an even stronger will to make her dreams come true. She decided it was time to figure things out by herself, accepting side gigs here and there until she earned her first contract deal on Instagram.

By becoming a content creator, Payne has branded herself as a multi-talented threat. After healing from her injury, she couldn’t partake in the hard-core dancing routines required to become a performer anymore. Instead, she began to film herself doing what she could perform, and uploading it onto her social media. Her talent, paired with her personality, has been received with positive reception; the influencer now has amassed an impressive following of 585K on TikTok and 88.4K on Instagram.

Additionally, two parts of Payne’s personal brand that have gained the attention of others are her unapologetic nature and the manner she embraces her femininity. She advocates for seizing “feminine power, [accepting] your body, and [just] being sexy” within your skin. “It’s about loving yourself and not being ashamed to do what you want,” explains Payne. The content creator also admits that she has always received a great response from other women for the way she expresses her confidence; she incites that same confidence in these women as well. 

Being a “blonde bombshell” is a part of what makes Payne’s personal brand and social media accounts stand out within an oversaturated market. Showcasing her many layers through posting silly videos or glamorous images that highlight her modeling skills, her brand has undoubtedly expanded since she made the risky decision of moving to LA to fulfill her dreams at such a young age. While life may not have taken her exactly where she had planned when making that move, she is still entertaining others through her creative and fresh content. It’s what makes her gorgeously different. 


TikTok: @cassidyannpayne 

Instagram: @iamcassidypayne

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