How Investing in the Cannabis Market with Low Risk Can Produce High Rewards

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As a serial entrepreneur who has started and operated over 20 companies in the last 20 years, Shane Jones is a natural risk taker. Now the CEO of Fine Cannabis Goods (FCGD), Jones is taking on a billion dollar global industry with just pennies a day. 

FCGD is a Michigan-based diversified holding company with a focus on cannabis, as well as cannabis-related products and services. Jones is using his knowledge in the penny stock market, quickly gaining recognition as a company to invest in within the industry.

“I believe the cannabis market is a good investment all around,” said Jones. “Being legalized in more states and favorable legislation to decriminalize, to invest in cannabis you need to look for companies with a doable plan that can expand expeditiously with personnel and management who have experience in their field.” 

Jones has that strong business experience and a plan that he believes will take him far. “My strategy is to use my knowledge in the penny stock market to fund and to move our company ahead faster using equity rather than using all bank loans and profits from the company to expand and acquire, which should bring higher value to the company and its stock.” FCGD further explains that in addition to its focus on cannabis, the company also holds lease management agreements with other state-based cannabis companies around the nation. 

Also, as a public holding company, FCGD is unique as it is able to assist in the expansion into different areas of the cannabis industry and in different states by using the equity market while maintaining management experience in each, which allows each business to thrive in any market condition. By owning majority stakes in its subsidiary companies, FCGD seeks to maximize the value of assets and to continue this mindset of growth.As our company grows, we will keep filing to be listed on higher exchanges which will bring even more institutional awareness to the stock,” Jones further added.

Jones is passionate about the penny stock market and shares that in order to select a good penny stock, you have to look for companies that are unique, have exceptional management, and have a clear plan to execute.

So what’s the future for the company? Jones shares, “Fine Cannabis is setting up to get into all areas of the cannabis industry – from growing, retail, specialty items, along with national merchandising, and branding. There are laws and regulations for cannabis in the different states which have to be taken into account.” 

The company is definitely on the forefront of this worldwide market and is taking a unique approach to grow and to expand in every way possible. With the strategy, the vision, and the know-how, FCGD is a company doing all that it can to make its mark.

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