How is Kazi Abidur Rahman’s positive entrepreneurship uplifting Sunnamusk?

Many people believe that all they need is a decent idea to get started. But what they do not consider is that to take them to success,  an entrepreneurial mindset is a must.  

Creating a new business needs a lot of hard work, the willingness to keep going even when everything appears to be going wrong, and implementation, implementation, and more implementation. But above all, it requires an obsession to achieve your dreams, and a tendency to lead people in the right direction.

Where we all have heard numerous stories on how the leaders have spearheaded the entire organization on the path of success, one such example is that of Kazi Rahman, co-founder of Sunnamusk, a leading retail company known for its vast range of fragrance products.

Rahman runs this ever-growing London-based company that has gained recognition for its Eau de parfum, eau de toilette, scented candles, and perfume oil diffusers amongst other products.

Rahman became the CEO of Sunnamusk in 2019, and within a short period of time has transformed it to reach newer heights. Rahman is responsible for handling operations, sales, marketing, PR & HR.

Having such a vast portfolio in management, it is a given that he must be doing something right to have contributed so much to the firm’s constant growth. On taking a finer view on this trajectory, we can clearly see the signs of a principled approach to business management prioritizing wellbeing and sustainable growth. He is the perfect example of how the PERMA model of Positive Psychology works reflecting it in his Positive Entrepreneurship.

Rahman has always been inclined towards a combined growth, not merely of his organization but also the people associated with it. He has always concentrated good amounts on how to exponentially improve personal and professional wellbeing.

To facilitate such an atmosphere in the corporate world, where the leaders are the reflection of the employees, what differentiates a great entrepreneur is his ability to leverage their talents and strengths in doing business along with motivating them to set bigger goals each day.

To regulate positive entrepreneurship, it is crucial to understand one’s own unique potential and then reverberate it through others to achieve excellence in many life domains.

This Bangladeshi-British entrepreneur is fixated on the future beyond the barrier. He aspires to achieve the pinnacle and build a reputation for himself as well as all others who are linked with him, not just carrying on the legacy but also creating a new one.


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