How Is Technology Doing For Us In The 21st Century?

Technology is growing rapidly and has become an integral part of our lives. It allows us to access and share information that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. 

We use technology in our everyday lives. From education to communication, everything that we do throughout the day is a fine example of technology at work. 

When assessing the pros and cons of technology, one must find the right balance between these two so we can continue using technology without letting it overpower our lives. 

Pros and cons of technology

There is no denying the fact that technology has improved every sector be it business or healthcare. But is there a dark side to it that we are turning a blind eye to? Here is a complete breakdown of the various advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Pro: Access to a world of information

Whenever we want to gain some information, we turn to the internet to enlighten us. No matter where we are in the world, we can get the latest updates on the global news and innovations within seconds. We can chat with people living in different countries. 

Con: Not all the information is correct

There are billions of internet users. They access the information as well as communicate it. This is why inaccurate or false information can be found on the web too. Trusting everything you read online is not how you will shape up an unbiased opinion. 

Pro: Source of entertainment

Thanks to technology, we have more options for entertainment. From online movies, video games to reading ebooks, we have access to so many entertaining means at the tip of our finger. With technology, we are able to spend our leisure time easily. But, to make sure that your online time is full of comfort and relief, wear glasses loaded with blue light filters. 

Con: It can be an addiction

Technology is just like gambling as it gets the users hooked. It was introduced to make human work simple and save labour. However, everybody seems to be lost in their smartphones or tablets these days. Even the kids go for hours playing video games. All this affects the development of their mind and cognitive functions. And if they don’t wear gaming glasses when doing so, they even become prone to vision-threatening problems.  

Pro: Awareness

Social media is a great tool to spread awareness about important subjects. You get to discover new things and learn about new stuff over the internet. You can upgrade your skills and find new opportunities with the help of online sources. 

Con: It has a negative impact

Social media is nothing but a curated depiction of other people’s lives. By looking at their perfectly fragmented lives, we feel inadequate and disappointed with the resources we have. Everybody is posting their best version online and it only makes us feel that we haven’t achieved enough. Also, our devices have negative effects on our eyesight as well if we don’t use the right type of screen glasses during screen time. 

Pro: Better communication

Technology has removed the barrier of distance and language. You can communicate with anyone in the world within seconds. Also, the vast pool of information has also enabled us to learn about different cultures and countries. This removes the hurdle of communication among people belonging to different communities or countries.

Con: It divides us

Technology also gets bad press for dividing people socially. We all have smartphones with internet access. Even when sitting at the dining table, people are scrolling social media or watching YouTube videos instead of talking to each other. Technology was developed to connect people all over the globe. But, what it seems to be doing is reducing the human connection that we all need.

Pro: It saves our time

The best part about technology is that it saves our time. We take less time to complete tasks and when most of our routine tasks are performed by machines, we get more time to focus on other more important tasks. 

Con: It leads to health problems

Social media can be a pitfall and cyberbullying is not new. So many young people develop mental health problems due to online trolling and bullying. Moreover, spending so much time on devices also degrades our eye health.

Technology can be a blessing and a curse. It depends on how or how much you use it. Make sure you strike the right balance and use technology to upgrade your skills and make your tasks easier. Educate yourself enough so you never fall victim to cyber fraud or cybercrime. 

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