How Ismail Fouad Kassem Is Thriving In Uncertain Times

There are many people who start with passion and dreams, but we only remember those who strive to create a successful brand with their hard work and continuous thinking, just like Ismail Fouad Kassem, CEO of Amaze Projects.

To say that the past 2 years have been very tumultuous years for business owners and entrepreneurs is actually a pretty bold understatement. The infelicitous fact is that countless business owners from all around the world have been struggling just to keep them sustained during the pandemic, while others have had to close their doors permanently. Actually, it’s not all bad news! However, many entrepreneurs are actually experiencing unusual growth during these uncertain times. One such entrepreneur is Ismail Fouad Kassem, who has experienced a good increase in his business progress during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ismail has never been one to run from hard challenges. And not many entrepreneurs has been published as much as Ismail Fouad Kassem. He’s been featured in many magazines and news articles and spreads, all relating to his magnetic pull of business. His approach is provocative, controversial, and never self-indulgent.

He uses his experience, quality, consistency and overall learning what the customers really need and demand. Being an author, Ismail loves to read and write books.

He has also authored the book “Know Your Man” which presents valuable insights and tips to all women from a man’s perspective. The book takes you in a journey into the Middle Eastern man’s mindset, showcasing how can women win his mind and heart. The author believes that women should be comfortable showing their feminine vulnerable side, keeping in mind the fact that men and women do see things through different perspectives.

This Egyptian entrepreneur is now using his innate inclination towards numbers to reassess his financial and investment decisions for the long-term prospects. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the experiences―as customers, employees, citizens, and humans― their attitudes and behaviours are actually changing. As an entrepreneur and global speaker, Ismail Fouad Kassem is all set to pivot to innovate the way business is done, to communicate and run the experiences that people need and want in the post-pandemic world.

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Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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