How Jade Lavoie Steals the Show in Social Media and the Business Industry by Being Herself

As the community becomes more digitized, social media has become a place to plant negativity, body shaming, or overall judgments. However, as opposed to all that, Jade Lavoie has done nothing but spread positivity and love. She shares how she rises above others and how she dares to be more than she appears to be. As she does so, Jade empowers society. She hopes to inspire others—specifically women—to break free from the fear society has manufactured. As one who prioritizes advocacy over fame, Jade Lavoie brings out everything to show her tenacious spirit to become an instrument of inspiration and hope.

Jade Lavoie is a Canadian model well-known for being a face of social media since she was 15 years old. Her beauty reminds people of a french “Bella Thorne” due to her pouty lips, natural smile, and attitude. No matter the angle, each of her posts captures the beauty that rages not only on the outside but also in the heart and soul.

The model proudly represents all women of all ages. Jade Lavoie introduces a new narrative and perspective about feminism. She is actively changing the existing narratives about women, their body, their rights, and being young and free. Regardless of her alluring photos, her ideologies toward the feminist movements are what Jade is most proud of. This is also how her fanbase, both men and women, is mainly growing, with Jade keeping them close by, acknowledging their actions, and showing appreciation for every bit of support they give.

With the influence she carries comes Jade Lavoie’s weighing responsibility to educate others and speak up. This is why, unlike other influencers, Jade is not afraid to be the voice of the people. She prides herself on voicing out her opinion on whatever matters, making her a controversial influencer. Even though the industry she originally comes from is highly saturated, true talents like Jade speak loud and clearly what they think, even on taboo topics. 

With her open-mindedness, she is very well known as a triple threat, manifesting that she can excel in more fields than she is known for. This is proven a fact as she ventures from text blogs and pictures to owning a clothing business. This venture may seem new to her, but the process comes naturally to Jade Lavoie. 

Undeniably, Jade Lavoie’s path is not easy, knowing she has to face criticism continuously. Yet in defiance of it all, she continues to hope to change the minds of people. In her ways, she aims to help other women embrace their body and love it, to feel better about themselves. She remarks, “I want people to understand they can do anything with their body and feel comfortable with it. They shouldn’t care about other people’s judgments. All the women need to be accepted, no matter their jobs, their situations, and what they look like.”

Jade Lavoie is striving hard to be an agent of change for the world to open its eyes and forge new paths for a better future. No matter what she does, Jade’s aspiration is centered on being happy doing what she does, right now and in the future to come. She indeed is stealing the spotlight everywhere, from social media to business.

Learn more about Jade Lavoie by visiting her Instagram and TikTok pages.

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