How Jason Binn and Dujour Media Transformed and Evolved the Luxury Media Landscape.

The rapid development of technology at the beginning of the 21st century presented a huge challenge for media companies, particularly in terms of making a solid connection with their target audiences.

In the early 2000s, when social media and the internet began drawing people away from magazines and newspapers and more toward online sources of media, many industries and advertisers experienced detrimental impacts from this shift.

Advertisers had to quickly learn how to reach their audience on an online platform, both effectively and strategically. The print landscape was hit hard, as some failed to transition to the online world while others were able to navigate the digital shift.  

While traditional media outlets focused on the general audience were challenged during the digital transition, DuJour Media successfully carved out the path by targeting a specific niche of qualified consumers.

Known for its luxurious audience, resonating and engaging content, and prodigious partnerships, Founder and CEO Jason Binn has utilized his mastery of networking and branding to access the most influential celebrities and affluent individuals to put DuJour in the top tier of luxury and upscale lifestyle media outlets catering to a dual-audience.

Binn’s Big Break 

Jason Binn’s vision has always been laser-focused on setting the bar high. While others were focused on the mass audience, Binn utilized his ability to create communities and connect relevant advertisers via branding and event planning. 

Thirty years ago, Binn got his big break with Niche Media, which utilized the concept that advertisers in the luxury sector can become more connected with consumers through the unique idea of creating local city magazines that focus on “niche” markets.

Niche’s magazines spanned many cities with titles such as Aspen Peak, Boston Common, Hamptons, Ocean Drive, and others. Binn’s reasoning behind the city-specific approach lies in the distinct styles and sensibilities of each unique city he is working to reach. 

Now more than ever, Binn understands the value of the elusive and exclusive one-percenters demographic. As DuJour enters its 10th anniversary, Jason Binn’s unique ability to generate locally catered content continues to successfully challenge the traditional media that primarily rely on subscriptions and magazine stands, and which focuses more on reach in lieu of who they reach.

Media Moves into the 21st Century

In 2006, Binn made the big decision to sell Niche Media to Greenspun Media Group. In 2010, Jason Binn met Kevin Ryan, CEO, and founder of Gilt Groupe, who became a dear friend and mentor. As the chief advisor,  Binn recognized the power of e-commerce and consumer engagement. After working for 20 years in the print landscape, Binn was inspired to create a new platform in which he could bring luxury brands to the affluent consumer.  

Two years after meeting Ryan, Binn founded DuJour Media. The model of his new media company was based on the idea of offering the “glamour of print” while tapping into the fast-paced consumer effect of the digital world. 

Binn’s strategic plan to partner with luxury brands helps define the audience. It ensures their brands are more controlled and in a more sustained environment when the media is not virtual, and they can appear next to brands that are on their competitive level.

In the exclusive DuJour print magazines, it is common to see models advertising high-end brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, and Tiffany & Co.

In a quarterly print magazine, DuJour targets those with approximately a 5-million-dollar net worth, accompanied by a monthly digital magazine targeting the top two million Gilt Groupe subscribers. 

As the leader in the luxury lifestyle print and digital landscape,  DuJour Media celebrates a decade of success through awards and accolades. was awarded a Webby for Best Home/Welcome Page and was selected as the Best Newcomer in the AdWeek Hot List Readers’ Choice Poll of 2013, and as Hottest Lifestyle Magazine in 2014. The lifestyle Magazine was among the Reader’s Choice Award Top 10 Covers by the American Society of Magazine Editors.

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