How JJAIBOT Generates Health and Wellness Awareness From AI

Artificial intelligence has undoubtedly become one of the most outstanding concepts among the technological advances of recent times. Its unstoppable application in different fields has attracted worldwide attention. One of the most prominent approaches to the fight against environmental pollution, mental illness, and wildlife destruction, this is precisely the basis of the origin of JJAIBOT.

Julian Jewel Jeyaraj, an artificial intelligence researcher, composer, and influencer, created JJAIBOT in January 2019, focusing on three key elements: environmental, psychological, and wildlife conservation.

His intention is to promote the understanding of the effects of climate change, but also to use artificial intelligence as a valuable resource to help in psychological processes, such as cognitive therapies, meditation, among others, that help decrease conditions such as depression.

Julian seeks that society empathizes with this technology, understanding that robots can act just like human behavior and helping to deal with the problems of everyday life.

However, for Julian, the Artificial Intelligence project seems to have no limits, and besides applying it in these important areas, he had the initiative to create an application that contributes to the early detection of the COVID-19.


After the worsening of the pandemic, Julian arranged his efforts for the creation of this application through JJAIBOT. Its operation is based on the diagnosis of the virus through computerized tomography, with proven accuracy of 99%.

This not only supports the management of medical personnel fighting to deal with the disease but also the possibility of saving the lives of people affected by the coronavirus, thanks to the detection of COVID-19 more quickly.

Demonstrating once again the scope of artificial intelligence in the field of health, Julian implements his creation to help society in the fight against the pandemic. Contributing to an efficient way of diagnosing patients.

In addition to contributing to society, it will also significantly help to reduce the management costs of counteracting the disease. The use of this technology is focused on two outstanding parameters:

PA chest radiography

It provides an overview of the organs and their condition. Its effectiveness is proven and facilitates the diagnostic process.

Computed tomography of the lungs

It brings greater precision to the studies. It helps to get a view of the lungs and their condition. It has a high degree of accuracy and will help doctors determine the existence and progression of disease in the human body.

Revolutionizing Health

Although there is not yet an official cure for COVID-19, it is contributions such as JJAIBOT by Julian Jewel Jeyaraj that represent a significant advance in the fight against this disease. This robot, created with artificial intelligence, represents the possibility of reducing the mortality rates generated by the disease thanks to its rapid diagnosis and early care.

In this context, this new technology constitutes a revolution in the area of medicine, since, given its characteristics, there is the possibility of extending its use, even after the pandemic, for the detection of other respiratory conditions.

JJAIBOT can be used all over the world, having as a central focus to reduce the negative impacts that the disease has generated in society.

Beyond the Pandemic

Initiatives like JJAIBOT show that artificial intelligence is here to stay. Leading society to understand the effects of climate change, psychological change, and wildlife conservation through the use of this technology is not only a challenge but a transformation to the usual social processes.

In the environmental field, JJAIBOT has had a leading role in India, specifically in Delhi, where its founder has applied the use of its technology to reduce environmental pollution processes and contribute to the health of the population, especially in children who have been most affected by lung diseases due to this phenomenon.    

However, in terms of wildlife conservation and psychological changes, Julian implements his computer knowledge, information technology, and other areas, to promote a better quality of life in people, beyond the physical aspect, focusing on the emotional.

Both the current generation and future generations will have the opportunity to understand the importance of preserving and protecting their inner being and the environment through the processes of artificial intelligence proposed by Julian.

A different way to transform society’s concept of these issues and generate a true consciousness of well-being and health for human life, through the technology of artificial intelligence.

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