How Joe McCarthy Went From Farm boy, to Scaling a Social Media Empire at age 18.

Joe mccarthy

At just 18-years of age, Joe McCarthy has assisted individuals with building and making over 1,000 world-class brands on social media.

His innovative and showcasing abilities came from his experience of growing a business on a small farm. Utilizing the Power of Social Media Marketing, Joe initially began his profession as a businessman in farming, where he struggled to figure out how to market and sell his items.

He attempted almost every old-school marketing trick in the book, but nothing seemed to work, and he could not find any customers.

After a year, at age 15, Joe came across Facebook and Instagram, where he created a page for his farm which immediately developed to 2,000 followers. Before he knew it, the young entrepreneur was selling his items with the help of social media.

By using social media as a business tool, Joe realized that he could accomplish incredible things if he were to branch out with social media.

Following one year and reading 50 books on entrepreneurship, Joe Started JEM Media, where he helps individuals and businesses with building and making their personal brands and social media pages elite.

The first few months of Joe starting his marketing agency did not go well. He brought in almost no money, but this never discouraged him from continuing and making his dream a reality.

Joe knew that entrepreneurship and running a successful business was not going to be easy, especially in the beginning. He knew that it would take consistency, hard work, dedication, and discipline.

He tells us “if entrepreneurship was easy, then everyone would be doing it right?”Joe discovered that difficult work and ingenuity are two imperative keys to prevailing in any field. There were numerous days where Joe wanted to quit the business because he thought it was not for him.

But Joe’s drive for success, and the hard-working nature that he instilled from farming, is the reason that he is where he is today.

While Joe was building his agency, he simultaneously was building his social media empire on Instagram.

He put out value-based content each week giving as much free worth as possible. Following a couple of months, and 100 posts later, his personal brand started taking off.

In May 2020, Joe began collaborating with Grow With Us Agency. This company, with Joe’s help, has transformed more than 1,500 personal brands on Instagram within the past 2 years.

Since then, Joe McCarthy has continued producing content and scaled his following past 70,000 followers. He and he has been highlighted on podcasts, had his story told in magazines like MMAP True Success magazine, and in the book “Roads To Success.” And has been featured in numerous articles online.

Regardless of these accomplishments, Joe plans to scale and impact over 1 million lives by 2050. He plans to build his JEM Media empire to $10,000,000 by 27 years of age, and seeing what he has accomplished by 18, there is no doubt you will be hearing the name Joe McCarthy around you.

Joe Mccarthy can be reached out via his website & Instagram

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