How Joshua T. Meldrum is Impacting the Restaurant Industry

Food and drink have always been essential ingredients of every society. It has been a way to share our culture with the rest of the world, and the T Meldrum restaurant in Massillon, Ohio has been doing just that for the last 50+ years. To keep that legacy going, Joshua T. Meldrum has developed a new approach.

Joshua is a celebrated entrepreneur and a third-generation restaurateur. Joshua’s uncle Tom has been in the hospitality industry for over 50 years and has owned multiple businesses. He has operated lemonade stands and concessions, among countless other ventures.  

Joshua says his uncle is one of his biggest inspirations, motivating him to work hard despite life challenges. Growing up around his uncle, Joshua has learned many lessons which have helped him be successful in the hospitality industry.

Joshua started working for Greg Goehring & Amy Meldrum Goehring (members of his extended family) in their restaurant group when he was in high school. This helped Joshua develop a strong work ethic, hone his business skills and learn how to provide great customer service.

Joshua Meldrum has worked in all three of the 91RG brands in four locations, including 91 Wood Fired Oven, Table Six Kitchen + Bar, and 3 Brothers Corner Tavern.

Starting from bussing tables to serving, bartending, and managing social media pages, Joshua has worked in different fields. His diversity is now helping him use the experience he has gained and build a network throughout the community.

Joshua is also using his story to inspire other young entrepreneurs. Joshua has battled depression, anxiety, and abandonment issues from a young age. However, he hasn’t let that stop him, and he is using his incredible journey to empower others going through similar situations.

“It’s okay to feel anxious and stressed,” says Joshua. He adds that it’s also fine not to have it all figured out, but you should always remember that nothing is impossible with hard work, determination, and resilience.

While the road has been tough, Joshua has not lost hope or given up on his goals. He says his passion for entrepreneurship is one of the things that has kept him going. Joshua’s dream is to one day have his own nightclub and bar, a milestone he believes he will reach if he continues to work hard.

He encourages others not to give up on their passion and work smart. People will sometimes tell you that your ideas are not viable and try to discourage you, but you shouldn’t let their opinions sway you, says Joshua. He adds that failure does not have to be the end of the road. You can always get back up.

Joshua believes that, while the details are small fragments that tie into the bigger story, they separate us from everybody else. He notes every part of our journey is important, and it is through those upsets and successes that we are able to achieve our dreams. It shows who we are and what we have to offer to the rest of the world, says Joshua.

As he continues to build his brand, Joshua is impacting the restaurant industry and empowering other entrepreneurs. In the coming years, Joshua is determined to start his own nightclub and bar.

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